Profile of Ava Amara: Quick Facts
Ava Amara
Rivenwood Birch
Played By: Not specified
Basic Info
Full Name: Ava Amara
Birth Name: Accipitra Bearclaw-Melonii
Subspecies: Coywolf Mix
Sex: Female
Age: 0 (06/04/2023)
Birthplace: Blackwater Islands
At a Glance
Profile of Ava Amara: Details
At birth she was the crude color of hippomane. Within the coming weeks Accipitra's fur darkened to thalassic black, all save for a traitorous brand of red across her left cheek. (Adult Reference by Tazi)
A lonely child. Ava has found herself straddling two receding worlds — the abandonment of her god, and the abandonment of her blood. Conflicted, griefstricken, and reeling, Ava is often seen close to Heda or Dinah, but does not speak. Something sets Accipitra apart as ‘other’ — but what..?
Parents: Almalexia x Ingram
Adoptive Parents: Heda * & Caracal *
Littermates: Anathema, Hierophant, & Saint
* Accipitra is not aware she is biologically related to both Heda and Caracal

Piblings: Aventus, Apophis, Avicus, Heda
Grandparents: Astara, Merrick, Praimfaya, Rowan
Cousins & Other Biological Relatives: Abel I, Averna, Blodreina, Caracal, Cicero, Charles, Clementine, Emmerich, Euron, Falling Star, Fifth, Firefly, Indra I, Indra III, Ingram I, Isa, Laurel, Louie, Lucas, Lusca, Lycaon, Maegi, Marisol, Marten, Masquerade, Milo, Moonshadow, Moonshine, Mulherin, Nieve, Phaedra, Piper, Ramsay, Redd, Redsky, Reek, Relic, Relmyna, Reyes, Riley, Saena, Scarab, Singra, Sorana, Sphyra, Svalinn, Tachyon, Tadec, Thade, Tierra, Tiercel, Wyatt, Wylla,

Pack History
Accipitra was born to Blackwater. She and her littermates were bartered to Lestan shortly after birth. Lestan brought them to the mainland and gave them to Heda, Caracal, and Everett to raise as their own on Wheeling Gull Isle. During this exchange, Accipitra ingested the hallucinogenic berries provided by her mother; leaving her with a permanent palinopsia. She was rechristened 'Ava', and recognizes Judah, Simeon, Malakai, and Dinah as her siblings.
Profile of Ava Amara: Additional Information
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Banner: Suledin
Avatar: Astara's Puppy Avatar circa 2018
Profle Art: Lauren & Tazi
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