Profile of Stratos: Quick Facts
Moonglow Epsilon
Played By: Jaclyn
Basic Info
Full Name: Stratos Nuiruk
Spirit Name: Aglakti, Song-maker
Subspecies: Mackenzie Valley Wolf x Arctic Wolf
Size: Medium, Lanky
Sex: Male
Age: 1.5 (March 6, 2022)
Birthplace: Moonglow
At a Glance
Profile of Stratos: Details
[align=narrow]Upper half a vibrant ginger, much like a fox. Lower half a snow white and black ears and tail tip. His eyes are a bright teal.[/narrow]

[Image: strat.png]
by Possum <3[/align]
Mother: Kukutux
Father: Aiolos
Littermates: Calliope & Ariadne
Pack History
[Image: foxx.jpg]
Profile of Stratos: Additional Information
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Art Credits
Avatar by Jaclyn, appearance by Possum!
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