Profile of Alaric: Quick Facts
Moonspear Councilor*
Played By: Danni
Basic Info
Full Name: Alaric Willow
Subspecies: Mackenzie Valley Wolf
Size: Large, Athletic
Sex: Male
Gender: Male
Pronouns: He/Him
Age: 4 (April 15, 2020)
Birthplace: Pennsylvania
At a Glance
Obsidian, Athletic, Large, Impish

Profile of Alaric: Details
Alaric is large as most of the wolves in his family. Obsidian fur with brown accents on his ear tips, tail, and edge of his paws. Evergreen eyes that dance with warmth and devil may care attitude. Wide set shoulders, taper off into leaner waist. Legs made for running and tracking.

[Image: Alaric_Full-body_20230117200458.png] LIV
Alaric is much like his sister Amalia. Except where she took their father's words to heart and tried to change. He embraced that he was careless and flighty. He is no shirking violet, but he likes to have fun. Boyish and silly at times. He also has a thrill seeking attitude. He is always looking for that next adrenaline high. Jumping off a cliff into the water below, spelunking in caves. He's a storyteller and a healer, much like his father's family used to be.
Alaric was born in Spring to Vivera and Maddox, beside two sisters Amalia and a sister Austria, from a long line of story tellers and healers on their father Maddox’s side. His mother Vivera was carefee and kind of heart, always jovial always happy. His family made up a small pack at the edge of a tree lined forest, within easy reach of water and food. However, as time moved upon them, and less and less pups were born, and more and more would range far and wide. Then the forest began to die and burn. Draughts and famine, and it pushed the pack to their breaking points. The pack began to implode and eventually disbanded. Setting Alaric adrift and on his own journey.

Alaric is a trader by design. His deals of choice, herbs, stories and sometimes on the rare occasion his physical body whether for pleasure, fighting, hunting or what have you. He realized that he still liked to roam, but he missed his sister. So with a determined air, he headed towards the last place she was. Excited to see her again, and perhaps carve out his own life in the Teekon Wilds.

He was once hurt badly by somwone claiming to love him and thus he guards his heart.
Sisters: Austria, Amalia


Great grandfather-Alex
Great grandmother- Fresia

Great great grandfather-Sun Spark
Great Great Grandmother- Spring Flower

Great Aunt- Blue Willow
Pack History
Loner= 1/17/2023-2/7/2023
Eta= 2/7/2023-2/16/2023
Profile of Alaric: Additional Information
Registered on January 17, 2023, last visited (Hidden)
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