Profile of Astrid: Quick Facts
avatar photograph from dawnthieves; artwork by twin
Kvarsheim Húni
Played By: Twin
Basic Info
Full Name: Astrid Ahnah Loðbrók
Subspecies: Various
Size: Small, Pudgy
Sex: Female
Gender: Cis Female
Pronouns: She/Her
Age: 0.3 (6.27.2023)
Birthplace: Stone Circle (Kvarsheim)
Profile of Astrid: Details

Astrid will grow to resemble her foreldrar in a haphazard blend of both. Doe-like in coloration, with dusty chestnut fur that darkens to umber at the shoulder and lightens to fawn at her toes. She will become stocky and heavyset as she ages, with a build more like a sow than a dame; but one she is proud of nonetheless. Wide and wild eyes of scarlet that fade into a striking blue near the pupil.

For now, she is a jagged puppy at the beginning stages of adolescence; broad, fat, and much too big for her own britches.

ESTP, The Entrepreneur | 7w6, The Enthusiast

As a child, Astrid could truthfully be described as a demon. Stubborn and whiny, increasingly defiant, yet incredibly clingy, especially to her aging Faðir. She is the “bully” amongst her littermates, and it would be a shock to no one if she was the result of chronic headaches for her foreldrar.
I bless you, second one, sweet daughter of mine. May you soften your brothers and come alongside them. Sharpened yourself and sharpen them with the wit and way only woman may give. You are born of Stone Circle, formed from the clay, and shaped to be ours. Be of courage, and strength, and fidelity, and love. You are Kvarsheim's, and we are yours. Astrid Ahnah.
Born to mother Taktuq, sired by father Gunnar, sister to Ujurak, Sven, and Kristjan.
Pack History
KVARSHEIM | 6.27.2023 (birth) - present
Profile of Astrid: Additional Information
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i'm twin, a hobbyist writer and artist in my 20s living in beautiful appalachia. :)

- i am good with OOC discussion and plotting; but spontaneity is fine too! i write with a "yes and" mindset and other folks' enjoyment is always my top priority.

- my characters and writing tend to lean towards more mature or heavy topics, and as such, discretion is advised.

- i prefer not to engage in graphic gore/violence.
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