Profile of Arlette: Quick Facts
Swiftcurrent Creek Gamma
Played By: MAR
Basic Info
Full Name: Arlette
Subspecies: Northern Rocky Mountains Wolf
Size: Small, Lanky
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/Her
Age: 5 (21 May 2018)
Birthplace: Stone Circle
Profile of Arlette: Details

Art by: Colin

Arlette will be pure white in coloring, much like her grandmother Scarlett and uncle Xan. She has the same albino genes as them. Due to the leucistic/albino nature of her genes, her nose is lighter charcoal in pigment while her eyes are albino red. Arlette is small of stature, being small since birth being the runt of the litter.

After a vicious cougar attack, Arlette gained several scars on the right side of her face. She has a deep bite mark on her throat from when the cougar held her down. A few slashes on the side of her neck and shoulder from the cougar's claws. One scratch over her face, but luckily it missed her eyes. And just in general small scratches on her face/ bridge of nose along with two little knicks out of her ear. Most of the scarring is grouped on the right size of her face.

Art by: Jaclyn (same as Avatar)

Arlette is a kind female and very rooted to her family. She loves to help others and will put someone else's need before her own. She works on becoming a therapist, and after talking to her aunt Nanook, wants to become a healer as well. This female is quick to be flustered and often submissive to other wolves of her family. To strangers she often reflects how they are treating her. She responds almost always with friendliness and tries to be polite.

After losing her mate and unborn children Arlette has been quiet and reserved. She is still friendly with most but more withdrawn. Since the awful attack there has not been a smile or laughter on her face. Her go lucky and happy nature has made way for other emotions at the moment.
Arlette's parents are Valette and Stark. She has a brother named Merrit and a sister named Keen. Arlette also has three older (half-)siblings named Steph, Ezra, and Clary. There are also an aunt and uncle, Nanook and Xan, and her grandparents Scarlett and Kove. After her mother became mates with Greyback, she gained four more half-siblings. However, she does not feel as they are half-siblings as Greyback is like a father to her. After Kaito's death Arlette found a new love Derg, with him she had her first litter; Mulberry, Turmeric, and Thyme.
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Art by: Wolvden
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