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Full Name: Arlette
Subspecies: Northern Rocky Mountains Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 0.9 (21 May 2018)
Birthplace: Stone Circle
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Arlette will be pure white in coloring, much like her grandmother Scarlett and uncle Xan. She will also have the partial-albinoism and sport red eyes. Due to the partial albinoism, her nose is black in pigment.
Pack History
Arlette's parents are Valette and Stark. She has a brother named Merrit and a sister named Keen. Arlette also has three older (half-)siblings named Steph, Ezra, and Clary. There are also an aunt and uncle, Nanook and Xan, and her grandparents Scarlett and Kove.
EASTHOLLOW21/05/2018 till Present.
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