Profile of Kynareth Deagon: Quick Facts

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Kynareth Deagon
Saints Of The Dying Light
The Grandmaster*

Basic Info
Full Name: Kynareth “Donovan” Deagon of the Abbey
Subspecies: 50% Mackenzie Valley Wolf/50% Akita
Sex: Male
Age: 5 years (Oct. 22, 2015)
Birthplace: The Abbey (Not in the Teekon Wilds)
At A Glance
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The horrid man is daunting, an evil glint riddled in his yellow eyes at all times, he has a large form and stands taller than most. With a thick skull and generally big boned overall, he towers over almost all to cross him. His face is accompanied by a strong muzzle, with cream along the sides of his cheeks that lead down to his neck, chest, stomach. He has two circular dots above his eyes that act as eyebrows from his dog half.
His coat consists mainly of brindle, black and faded caramel brown. Though he has black stockings that fade into brindle as they reach his elbows. Further back, he has a strong even back. Last but not least, his tail; the appendage distinctly from his Akita mother, sticks up and curls onto his hips, full with fur.

Visible Scars:
(In the Teekon Wilds)
Twin black scars run horizontally across the bridge of his nose and another pair beneath his chin. As well as a hefty, inch deep cut on his left ear. Lastly a small starburst scar in his right shoulder with multiple teeth marks around it. All three injuries obtained by Nemisis during their fight to the death.
Deep horizontal lacerations on his left forearm from his battle with Orochi.


Donovan is attacked by Simmik during the Saints’ migration. Giving him lacerations on the right side of his neck.

Donovan is in good mental health (or as good as one like him can get). He will not show mercy to any who wrongfully cross him.

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His former life of a king has left him feeling privileged. Having been a war torn leader in his past, makes him bloodthirsty and merciless. Staring death in the face thrills him and he constantly desires bloodshed. He takes what he wants whenever he wants; or will die trying. Not above “playing the game” to lure others in, he loves toying with his victims.
He takes pride in his distinctly half dog half wolf appearance and thinks those who shun dogs or wolf dogs are naive and idiotic. He believes they’re blind to the fact of how much power some dogs have over wolves. For himself and many of his followers were dogs.

Alignment | Chaotic Evil

Theme 1 | Only You - The Platters
Theme 2 | Bad Guys Always Die - Eminem

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Being a king in his life previous to the Teekon Wilds, his land was desecrated by humans. His followers were killed for fighting back. He was different though, he got shot, but not just by anything. No–not by the things the humans used to explode his followers into blood and guts, by something else. He thought it would’ve killed him, yet he woke up.
Thinking he finally entered the afterlife where he was sure to suffer for eternity. He wakes up in the beautiful, lush lands of the Teekon Wilds. Now looking to rebuild his pack, he attempt to find followers to join the Saints of the Dying Light.
He has only recently come out about his real name, Kynareth Deagon. Previously preferring to go by his fake alias “Donovan Azura”.

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Pack History
^ Grandmaster: 06.26.20 - Present

^ 05.10.20 - 06.26.20
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Profile of Kynareth Deagon: Additional Information
Trade Progress:

- 5/5
- 28/30

- 5/5
- 4/30

For detailed info visit Donovan’s Trade Log.



Everyone not on either of these two lists are currently known as neutrals to Donovan.


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Donovan is mature character and is meant for mature audiences due to is orientation with sexual and violent themes.
If you are planning on threading with him and are strongly against either of these please pm me. For he will be played as so until you specify otherwise.

Current Location:

Sunspire Mountains

Face Claim:
Jason Momoa in Wolves

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If Donovan was a Pokémon he would be Aggron.
Steel/Rock Type

“Aggron claims an entire mountain as its territory. It mercilessly beats up anything that violates its environment. This Pokémon vigilantly patrols it’s territory at all times.”
- Pokémon Omega Ruby

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