Profile of Aphrodite: Quick Facts
Played By: Tori
Basic Info
Full Name: Aphrodite
Subspecies: Eurasian wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 2 (May 5, 2018)
Birthplace: A roadside zoo
At a Glance
She's Alluring to say the least. She always smells faintly of Jasmine or honeysuckle in the summer, and rosemary in the winter. Her eyes are like sapphires, and her laugh carries.
Profile of Aphrodite: Details
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Like the majority of her species, Aphrodite is a medium sized Fae, with a thick coat, a rusty brown mixed with black. On her chest, belly, and neck are a cream blending into white.

Voice Claim - Marilyn Monroe

Face Claim:

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At A Glance:


She's playful, coy, and flirtatious, Though she doesn't always mean to be. She's gentle and loving, and doesn't believe anyone should settle down with just one mate- she wants to have fun! Because of her beauty and appeal she's known to be a bit manipulative, willing to go as far as necessary to get what she wants. She's clumbsy and immature, partly due to age and partly due to her lack of experience with wild wolves. Aphrodite also has Borderline Personality Disorder, making her impulsive, reactive, and very codependent. Since experiencing an extremely traumatic event She is slightly agoraphobic and prone to panic attacks, and occasionally engages in self harming behavior.

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Aphrodite was born at a roadside zoo in Greece. The conditions were very poor, and when she was 12 weeks old the zoo was forcibly closed. She was loaded onto a plane and shipped to a sanctuary in Washington state. One day a group of humans wearing black clothes and masks cut the fence and set fire to the facility. Terrified, she fled into the forest, alone, until she found her way to the Teekons.
Within the territory, she briefly rendezvoused on the coast, breifly experiencing a hysterical pregnancy before being recruited to Whitebark Stream.
There she quickly settled into the role of healer and moral support.

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Pack History
Rank I -Whitebark Stream
Rank IV- Whitebark Stream
Recruit- Whitebark Stream
Pledged to Sirensong

3 threads- Healer
Profile of Aphrodite: Additional Information
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