Profile of Rowan: Quick Facts

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Basic Info
Full Name: Rowan Asenda-Blackfeather
Subspecies: Grey Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 0.5 (6 months) (10/5/2019)
Birthplace: Blackfeather Woods
At A Glance
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Profile of Rowan: Details

Grey based coat that covers mostly the legs and underbelly whilst the head, back and tail is draped in a rust-brown cloak. His face light cream that runs down his neck. His eyes are royal gold.

"You'd better run, better run, out run my gun
All the other kids with the pumped up kicks
You'd better run, better run, faster than my bullet"
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| Egotistical | Conceited | Diligent |
| Lawful Evil - Type 1 | ESTJ |

A dictator with a view for the future. Barren wishes to make the world better and equal. He finds that power is a useful tool to use against others and uses it to gain more and manipulate those with less to his vision. A leader, yes, expect not passive. Not at least in the way one would expect. As he grows, he gains certain views about the world, views that he thinks should be the only way for people to live. Equality, yes, except someone has to keep the order. He takes it upon himself to do as he grapples for power.
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Pack History

Mother: Moonshadow
Father: Firefly

Siblings: Falling Star; Moonshine

Known | Deceased | Unknown
↳ Hatchling [10/5/2019 - 10/8/19]
↳ Fledgling [10/8/19]
Profile of Rowan: Additional Information
Within Blackfeather Woods, he can be referenced with having any of four crows near-by:
Altar, he is the oldest with a greyed head and one leg that mostly keeps to himself.

Stone, he is the boldest and most inquisitive with eyes that seem larger than the others.

Stick, for she always brought him one in return for food and is the loudest.

Void, she is the one that was always closest and often leads Rowan to other dead birds.
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