Profile of RIP Praimfaya: Quick Facts
RIP Praimfaya
Master Warrior
Played By: viz
Basic Info
Full Name: Praimfaya
Subspecies: Mixed
Size: Medium, Athletic
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Pronouns: she/her
Age: 2 years (May 12, 2019 ( deceased: Sep 2021 ))
Birthplace: Arrow Lake, Teekon Wilds (Diaspora)
At a Glance
Profile of RIP Praimfaya: Details
praimfaya is a medium height with a lean and sleek build, veiled in a stunning pelage of silver  #D4D4D4; reminiscent of her maternal grandmother, gyda. black streaks like smudged kohl beneath each eye of bone silver #E5E4DF.
SCARS: bears four kill marks upon her left shoulder to mark the victory of her conclave. 1right shoulder, throat, muzzle and around her left eye; claw marks on her right flank from ribcage to hip from her fight with a lynx.

CURRENTLY: bears multiple wounds from her fight with kynareth & derg.
1 indicates scars not shown on reference.
health (65/100)
[Image: 02567091083b6af24a22ca9e3426c7beba922c7e.png]

❝hearts are wild creatures. that's why our ribs are cages.❞

[Image: 0d1981e3c283fe482eac9798409edb5ce6e1ad47.gif]

❝your daughter is a soldier —❞

the chariot. lawful evil. draconian.
though accredited with being diplomatic and merciful ...on the opposite side of the coin the commander can be considered ruthless, cruel and barbaric to those who do not understand the ways of her people. unapologetically straightforward and largely militaristic. can be hostile especially if she feels like she or her packmates are being threatened.

realized that she is not cut out for motherhood and has re-embraced to be commander is to be alone.

[Image: tumblr_pc2v27TU2K1wuht7fo3_540.gif]
i feel my ancestors in my blood.
i am a body of people
that are asking not to be forgotten.
no relations are currently recognized.
CHILDREN: worripa & skaigona

PARENTS blodreina x ingram
Pack History
out-of-game packs in wanheda's coalition: crogeda, kalkgeda, sigeda
previous in-game packs: diaspora, roangeda , moonspear, sagtannet (exiled), saints, yuèlóng, rivenwood
Profile of RIP Praimfaya: Additional Information
Registered on February 09, 2019, last visited October 06, 2022, 02:10 PM
WANHEDAcommander of death
PRAIMFAYA derived from prime firefirst fire aka. face melting death
Art Credits
avatar by: nic; fullbody reference by: wilthking
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