Profile of Praimfaya: Quick Facts

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Basic Info
Full Name: Praimfaya Eyjolfur
Subspecies: Mixed
Sex: Female
Age: 0.8 months (May 12, 2019)
Birthplace: Arrow Lake, Teekon Wilds (Diaspora)
At A Glance

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Profile of Praimfaya: Details
she walks with storms in her heart and battles in her eyes

health (100/100)
praimfaya, having entered the stage of rapid growth, boasts a gangly, youthful frame that hints at being a medium height with a lean and sleek build veiled in a stunning pelage of silver  #D4D4D4; reminiscent of her maternal grandmother, gyda. black streaks like smudged kohl beneath each eye of bone silver  #E5E4DF.

「 references i, ii, iii 」|「

alycia debnam-carey
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VOICEi, ii

the pillars of the commander
| |

w i s d o m || n o u n
❝the dead are gone, and the living are hungry.❞

praimfaya's wisdom comes from her own intuition, the teachings of her parents ...and from the spirit of the first wanheda ( commander of death ) linkon* spanning many generations back, both guiding her towards the path of a true commander of death and throughout her life, as it is believed by her culture.

* — linkon will be mentioned in posts but praim'll rarely speak of him. it's unclear whether he'll be a constant spirit guide or if his guidance will come and go as she calls upon it. she can 'hear' him but will never 'see' him.

c o m p a s s i o n || f i y a n e s
❝hearts are wild creatures. that's why our ribs are cages.❞

personality details here

s t r e n g t h || en uf
❝i'm the commander. no one fights for me.❞

draconian. though accredited with being diplomatic and merciful ...on the opposite side of the coin the commander can be considered ruthless, cruel and barbaric to those who do not understand the ways of her people.
i feel my ancestors in my blood.
i am a body of people
that are asking not to be forgotten.

she wears the smell of blood and death like a perfume
we do what we must to survive

praimfaya, a fos goufa, a commander by birthright is born. in early july 2019 praimfaya begins her commander training with her mother, blodreina, who acts as both her sentes and seda. however, during the bwp of 2019: extinction, blodreina dies protecting her and praimfaya leaves diaspora, fleeing to broken antler fen where her mother had hoped to build roangeda. in late october, roangeda becomes official. in early november, praimfaya discovers that ingram has been killed.

my skin has turned from porcelain, to ivory, to steel
Pack History
PARENTS blodreina x ingram
SEDA dacio
BLOODKRU vercingetorix , dragomir , isilmë , wylla *
hover for translation || only in-game/notable bloodkru is listed || * indicates unaware relations
        12/21/2019 — present

         ( earned 9/8/19 )
                ↳ ambassador ( earned 11/15/19 )
                ↳ master ambassador ( in progress )

         ( earned 11/29/19 )
                ↳ warrior ( in progress )
                ↳ tactician ( in progress )

Profile of Praimfaya: Additional Information
PRAIMFAYA derived from prime firefirst fire aka. face melting death ( thanks mom )
KOM ROANKRUfrom roangeda clan
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trigedasleng · linkon's 'speech' · common
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━─┄ you were born
to rend galaxies from the sky

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please note that how praimfaya perceives things in character may not always be perfectly accurate to how things are said to her or how things happen in threads. she might misinterpret actions and words or twist them to fit her way of thinking. this is not meant to be a slight to anyone rather to keep things 'realistic' and true to her character.

praimfaya is my priority toon and her posts will be prioritized above the others. scarab is my secondary toon. law, my tertiary.
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