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The Listener
Blackwater Listener
Played By: Not specified
Basic Info
Full Name: the listener
Monikers: trikova, melena
Subspecies: coywolf
Size: Small, Thin
Sex: Female
Gender: agender
Pronouns: she/they
Voice: julianne buescher
Age: 0.5 (may 2021)
Birthplace: ursus (bearclaw valley, rising sun valley)
At a Glance
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a skulking revenant in a thin cloak of tattered rags, void-touched with faint navy sheen glinting over sharp bony shoulders and prominent ribcage. long-whiskered, a predatory angle to features perpetually strained by exhaustion, and the ivory flash of a single protruding upper canine. mismatched eyes of solar gold and gloaming indigo. smells of blood and nightshade.

"there was something about the eyes. it wasn’t the shape or the color. there was no evil glint. but there was…

… a look. it was such a look that a microbe might encounter if it could see up from the bottom end of the microscope. it said: you are nothing. it said: you are flawed, you have no value. it said: you are animal. it said: perhaps you may be a pet, or perhaps you may be a quarry. it said: and the choice is not yours."

— terry pratchett

the listener was given mortal form by the raven-queen astara, lifelong cultist and lover of the bear-witch of ursus. born asperas alongside a single unremarkable sibling whose name would soon be forgotten to her, she embodied the chaos and violence of the void in those early days. ailing after the birth of her second brood, the raven-queen withdrew into long wasting sickness. meanwhile, the darkness festering within the unchild born to astara caught the eye of merrick the bruin-witch, priest and leader to the bear cult of the rising sun valley. he served as mentor and father figure, nurturing the violence inherent to the listener's mortal existence and encouraging her communion with spirits.
before the voidsent soul had yet seen three months earthside, ursus was led on a great journey, departing the valley at merrick's command to make their home upon a sacred mountain said to be blessed by the bear-god. here, the girl began the long and arduous process of blossoming into her full potential. as her power grew, she learned of the magick in her blood and the power of the mortal vessel bestowed upon her. she learned to revel in blood and shadow. she learned, dubiously, of the bear-god at the center of ursus. all this, she learned from merrick the bruin-witch. night-pearl, he called her, and in time taught love to her, too.
this was not to last. one clear night, the heavens lashed out and struck the unchild. young and ignorant, she believed herself cursed by the bear-god, punished for her impiety. she was left with a symbol of this curse; a dark jewel of the heavens dubbed "the skyrock", glittering with silvered flecks beneath a glossy surface layer. even as merrick taught her, guided her first taste of death and guarded her earthly form, she grew wary and resentful of his bear-god. like an infection, the symptoms of her affliction crept over her, and secretly she cursed the bear-god's name; for the first time, the unchild felt the weight of her violence, the agony of it. still, the bruin-witch of ursus held his night-pearl's loyalty... until he betrayed her.
the appearance of a stranger marked the beginning of the end; an intruder who demanded the raven-queen, the bruin-witch, those most precious to ursus and to the unchild. incensed, the listener sought to drive her away and was thwarted by merrick, who reprimanded her and proclaimed the stranger as family. she refused to relent, and in the end merrick chose his elder daughter over the younger. spurned, the listener abandoned the holy mountain and her identity as the night-pearl of ursus.
in the wake of merrick's betrayal, the listener found kinship in the form of a lone boy, a fellow urchin of a similar age who dubbed her the shadow. alduin the saint, he was called, and became her companion for a short time, ignorant to the deep bond of mutual hatred between their natal packs. the spirits guided their path to the mountain range ursus had all but forsaken, where they met another wayward child, then known as worripa. even as they made a gift of this newest companion, however, the spirits demanded sacrifice. alduin the saint, gone in a flurry of blood and fur, his scent faded in the wind. worripa, marred by death's gruesome kiss; matricide, though the listener never cared to know this.
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the shadow is typically accompanied by a black and white raven carrying the meteorite that she believes is the source of her curse.
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