Ankyra Sound Rusalka
December 14, 2018, 06:10 PM

Pack Basics

Name: Rusalka
Ranks: (Rusalka Ranks)
Location: Ankyra Sound
Acronym: RUS
Founded: 12/13/18
Pack Colours: Empress (#7b7475) to Copper Rose (#BE5869)  



Caiaphas:  Alpha ( 4/27/19 — present)
Vaati:  Alpha ( 3/31/19 — present)
Illidan:  Beta ( 12/13/18 — present)


Caiaphas:  Alpha ( 12/13/18 — 3/9/19)
Firefly:  Alpha ( 3/9/19 — 3/31/19)
Rosalyn:  Alpha ( 3/9/19 — 3/31/19)

Founding Members

@Caiaphas @Svalinn @Raleska @Erzulie @Rosalyn @Illidan @Firefly @Eurycrates @Mwe @Aklark @Stormy Boy @Wyatt @Aningan @Tunerk


Founded on the heel of Caiaphas’ expulsion from Redhawks, Rusalka was first designed to be a safe-haven for Caiaphas' surviving brood. Moving up the coast in search of her missing mate and children, the small clan becomes a ramshackle coven of wolves as they pick up Rosalyn and Erzulie. Once reunited with Illidan, Firefly, Eurycrates and Mwe are recruited. The group is not without their share of strife; early in their forming process they were met by aggression from a northern neighbor, resulting in one pack member being kidnapped and another killed. In light of this, Rusalka has evolved from haven to semi-militaristic nation; favoring wolves of fighting or warrior ilk given recent hardships.


Ankyra Sound is a wide swath of bright strand tucked between the fierce rise of formidable cliffs. The Sound itself is secluded, and the only way to access the beach is by traveling deep into the heart of Ankyra's territory through the Monolith Forest. Flanked by both the ascension of cliff and the thickly wooded brake of Sequoia wildwoods, the Sound possesses a haunting and ethereal quality.
(Included Areas Below)
Monolith Forest: Standing sentinel over the impassable cliffs bordering Ankyra Sound, Monolith Forest truly lives up to its name. Among the regular variety of trees tower ancient sequoias, dwarving their companions and casting long shadows over the sea below. With a climate much like a temperate rainforest, Monolith Forest attracts a great many animals large and small, including the elusive and rare spirit bear.
December 14, 2018, 06:32 PM

Philosophy / Principles

Rusalka is a closeknit, familial, basal pack with a twist -- free-for-all rank challenges and a liberal "assumed action" policy. The pack is structured and based around favoring heavy pack-rich interactions - and to encourage free-flow style free of OOC inhibitions, Rusalka embraces a pack concept that cycles around “assumed actions”, or “voluntary powerplay” of your peers. This style of roleplay is meant to be progressive, favoring a crowd-centric threadstyle, while keeping day-to-day interactions interesting and compelling. Additionally, Rusalka’s ranks are challenge-based, meaning at any point in time a Rusalkan wolf can challenge for any rank. We hope this fluid style of play will bring plenty of writing fodder to WOLF, and encourage a more realistic playstyle.

Special Considerations

Because Rusalka revolves around a less controlling aspect of assumed actions on your character’s behalf, this pack is best suited for players that favor organic roleplay over heavy plotting, as the outcomes are often unpredictable. If you like upending your character’s life (ahem: cHaRaCtEr DeVeLoPmEnT) Rusalka might be a good fit for you!

Voluntary powerplaying is only available in-territory (the pack forum), and only once a member has submitted their PP guidelines in our Members Only Forum. If confused, please read the guidebook on the do's and don'ts that roleplayers must abide by during IC interaction. to prevent abuses of power and combat any notion that our system obligates everyone to participate in the same way, voluntary powerplaying is, as mentioned above, only permissable within Rusalkan territory. By design, voluntary-powerplay is mean to foster the closeness and familiarity that is presumed to be in a pack dynamic.


To join Rusalka, simply post a joining thread in Rusalka’s forum. Remember that in Rusalka we encourage all members to intercept joiners - as joiners are judged by their peers depending on IC interaction - meaning any wolf can accept a new member, with or without leadership present. Upon acceptance into the pack, joiners will be introduced via a pack howl done in-thread (and members will be notified via tagging) to inform all non-present wolves of their new recruit. Once your character is accepted, it can be assumed they have met ALL members of the pack, and have been introduced to The Grotto.

Group Threading

To promote as much inclusiveness as possible, we encourage members to regularly host group threads within the territory. These threads are meant to bolster pack bonds, and nurture a close-knit feel throughout the community. To take this commitment one step further, at Rusalka we suggest members, when making new threads, roll for participants and/or prompts, which are detailed in our Member’s Only pack forum. To host a group thread, simply tag a group of members or make the thread icon a ‘Packtivity’ for member involvement.

Rank Challenges

In order to encourage a more natural, fluid hierarchy, Rusalka has an open challenge policy for all Rusalka Members. Rank challenges are encouraged, at any time, for any reason. In order to challenge for leadership, the character must meet WOLF's minimum leadership requirements (50 posts/1 month longevity). All rank challenges are done by dice-roll, and must be done in Tabletop in Discord. Winners are announced in the Member's Only Winner's circle. For more details on rank challenges, check our Member's Only forum.

Breeding / Puppies

There are no restrictions on breeding in Rusalka - however, this is not synonymous with guaranteed puppy slots or OOC permission. If you would like puppies, please PM your PM prior to conception threads. The children of the current alpha take priority, followed by next highest rank, so on so forth until the 8-slot cap is reached. Any extraneous puppies whelped during puppy season are chased out at the current leader's discretion - please note in the event of a new PM taking over, they cannot revoke puppy rights given by the past PM -- however, ICly, they can certainly chase out pregnant and/or whelped wolves to make room for their own reproductive conquests. In the event a (pregnant) leader is usurped prior to conceiving, the new leader reserves the right to chase out those puppies to make room for his own at any time. So... conceive at your own risk!


At this time, Rusalka does not support PPCs, or Previously Played Characters. If you are no longer able to play a character, please collaborate a conclusion for their exit -- we will miss you and look forward to the character returning at a later date. Exceptions are made for puppies that have no players or have yet to post.