Profile of Laurel: Quick Facts

Basic Info
Full Name: Laurel Redleaf
Subspecies: wolf
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/her
Age: 5 (04/03/2016)
Birthplace: Phoenix Maplewood, Teekon Wilds
At A Glance
Laurel is wary of strangers, particularly men; this might make her seem bashful at first, but those who get closer to her soon find out she's actually quite feisty, judgemental and opiniated. Her face is very expressive; be it tension or frowniness or happiness, she wears it on her sleeve.

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Profile of Laurel: Details
Laurel has an agouti pattern of tan fur on a stocky body of average size with short legs and little grace. Her nose and paw pads are a liver colour and her eyes are a warmer hazel. She has scars on her neck around her scruff, though they show mostly by a ruffled fur where the fur on the rest of her body is kept immaculately clean up to the point of vanity.

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After Iliksis:
Laurel is often neutral and curt, sometimes snappy, when she interacts with others. She tries to keep everyone at an arm's length emotionally, and won't let anyone in. When in the presence of men, she's often afraid and will say what she thinks they want to hear, even if that isn't what she actually wants.

Before Iliksis:
Laurel often tries to fit into the social profile that (she thinks) is expected of her, which is often flirtatious, bubbly and light-hearted, though often her sarcastic and cynistic snip shines through. Laurel puts others down so that she feels better about herself, if only for a little bit, and she hates it when others get attention. She's at heart an often impulsive bratty child that only wants to be loved and accepted 鈥 but considering the broken bonds with her family and a childhood with little bonding to anyone but her siblings that may never happen. Her sister Indra is the only one that Laurel truly trusts and loves, though she will pretend to do the same to others.
Laurel was born to Reek and Saena. Saena split up with Reek and moved to Silver Creek soon after, hoping to leave all the tragedy behind. When Laurel was very young, Saena left and her brother Milo died. Laurel and Indra were two birds of a feather, always playing together, and they were raised by Casmir and Laika at Silver Creek. One day Reek came to the Creek and Laurel convinced Indra to go and see his home for a sleep-over. They were never returned. At Larksong Grotto, Laurel at first felt like a princess soon grew to dislike the place and especially their stepmother, Jhala, and halfbrothers Astik and Tapat. When Indra, her anchor in life, disappeared without a word, Laurel snapped and attacked her half-brother Tapat, going for the throat and hurting him. Jhala then attacked her but let her live. They move to Golden Glade, driving out the wolves that used to live there in the process.

After months of seclusion in the new pack, Laurel leaves Golden Glade [and the Teekon altogether] to look for her sister Indra. She finds her sister, but never stays in one place for long. Laurel entertains many short-lived shallow bonds with various wolves but none of them are meaningful. Only Indra ever gets to see Laurel without a mask.

A year later Laurel returns to the Teekon wilds with Indra. She and Indra join Bearclaw Valley after meeting Xan, the pack's Alpha. During their heat Laurel seduces Xan, who is then bound to another (Reigi), and thinks she can change him and make him love her instead. This of course does not happen. Reigi has pups, as does Laurel: Lucas, Piper and Wyatt. After Reigi leaves the pack with part of the pups, Indra becomes the foster mother for the pups: Nunataq and Marten. Laurel threatens Xan into accepting herself and Indra as Alpha and Beta alongside him. Laurel loses Lucas, her favourite child, and as the pups near 9 months of age Piper vanishes too. Wyatt is all she has left, but he is difficult and reminds her of her father too much. Indra has one child: Merrick.

After Bearclaw Valley falls short of members, the pack moves to live in Lost Creek Hollow. Wyatt vanishes soon after. Laurel, restless without Lucas and Piper and annoyed that she and Indra were not offered a leadership or respected position at LCH, decides soon after that she and Indra have to leave to find the missing children. They leave behind Nunataq and Merrick; Marten follows them. They soon find out where Piper lives, and then much to Laurel's joy find Lucas. Lucas and Piper come home with Laurel, Indra and Marten.

On their way home Laurel is sexually violated by Iliksis. Indra is the only one who knows what happened. When she turns out to be pregnant, they are turned away at LCH's borders because they do not have space for Laurel's children. Merrick and Nunataq have left the pack. The family turns to Easthollow, and its Alpha Valette allows them to join. The family joins the pack and Laurel's children are born: Riley, Louie and Charles. Indra hates the children because they remind her of Iliksis.

Laurel finds Lucas dead in Bearclaw Valley. When the children are young, Iliksis comes into Easthollow. Indra and Laurel kill him with the help of their pack mate Vespera. Even though Iliksis dies, it doesn't help Laurel to process what happened to her at all.

At the end of 2019, Indra is found dead. Laurel does not handle it well. She neglects and abuses her children and goes into a depression. When in winter pack mate Vespera is banished by Greyback Laurel grows scared of him. Xan soon after joins the pack, and Laurel tries to convince him to protect her from Greyback. An interaction with Xan when she is in heat where he refuses to take advantage of her makes Laurel trust Xan ultimately.

In summer / fall 2020, Laurel finds out that Merrick had a child who looks just like Indra. She thinks this is a reincarnation of Indra. She has a few run-ins with the child and with Merrick. Initially Laurel tries to make the child trust her, but when that backfires she starts forging much darker plans. She makes up with Xan and decides she wants another chance at a family with him. He agrees.

When Valette dies and Easthollow disbands, Laurel and Xan move to Rivenwood. At first Laurel just pretends to be open and bubbly towards Mahler, the pack's leader, so that she will fit in and won't be cast out. Soon though, she starts to find back a taste for life through her new life in Rivenwood.

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by Lauren!
Pack History
Offspring 2019 x Iliksis: Riley 鈾, Louie 鈾, Charles

Offspring 2018 x Xan: Lucas 鈾, Piper 鈾, Wyatt 鈾, Unnamed 鈾 鉁

Father: Reek
Mother: Saena
Littermates: Milo 鈾 鉁 & Indra 鈾 鉁
Stepmother: Jhala
Half-brothers: Tapat 鈾, Astik

[Image: gZerxJK.png]
Indra & Laurel by Starr!
Phoenix Maplewood: April 2016
Silver Creek: April 2016 鈥 August 2016
Larksong Grotto: August 2016 鈥 January 2017
Lone wolf: January 2017 鈥 December 2017
Bearclaw Valley: January 2018 鈥 October 2018
Lost Creek Hollow: November 2018 鈥 December 2018
Lone wolf: January 2019 鈥 May 2019
Easthollow: May 2019 鈥 January 2021
Rivenwood: January 2021 鈥 present
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