Profile of Draper: Quick Facts
Played By: Autumn
Basic Info
Full Name: Draper Featherwind
Subspecies: Coyote
Sex: Male
Pronouns: he/him
Age: 3 years+ (April 20, 2017)
Birthplace: Featherwind Clan (south of teekon)
Profile of Draper: Details
Typical coyote! Tan, brown, and black guard hairs with a white underside. His eyes are a golden yellow.
Wary of wolves, but not hostile. Will defend other coyotes until the cows come home.
Born into the large Featherwind Clan, Draper set out to start a family of his own in the winter of '19-'20. He settled south of Broken Antler Fen, where he resided until fall of '20. It was then that he began broadening his search for a proper mate.
Pack History
Considers himself the leader of his own Featherwind Clan.
Profile of Draper: Additional Information
Registered on December 30, 2019, last visited June 07, 2021, 12:27 PM
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[Image: coyote.png]
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