Profile of Mae: Quick Facts
Swiftcurrent Creek Zeta
Played By: xynien
Basic Info
Full Name: Mae Frostfur-Mayfair
Voice: Alexandra Daddario
Subspecies: Mixed wolf
Size: Medium, Athletic
Sex: Female
Age: 1 (03/10/2023)
Birthplace: Swiftcurrent Creek, Rising Sun Valley
At a Glance
[Image: 38f78677672a370d394443ea0d7cbfd0c6884a2c.gif]
Profile of Mae: Details
I am not a woman, I'm a god.

Heavily scarred, with near-sightless silver eyes clouded by scarring. Narrow, elegant features reminiscent of her mother and paternal grandmother. A lean but lithely muscular build; feminine, but with a certain ruggedness to her appearance. Her dark fur is always wind-ruffled and wild.
[Image: 1555dcb9520a8644a7300015e6c8bac4c8d7112d.gif]
Once a volatile, outspoken child, Mae has grown into a bitter and isolated young woman. Under construction.

"Increasingly detached as they become involved with complicated ideas or imaginary worlds. Become preoccupied with their visions and interpretations rather than reality. Are fascinated by off-beat, esoteric subjects, even those involving dark and disturbing elements. Detached from the practical world, a "disembodied mind," although high-strung and intense."
"Begin conceptualizing and fine-tuning everything before acting—working things out in their minds: model building, preparing, practicing, and gathering more resources. Studious, acquiring technique. Become specialized, and often "intellectual," often challenging accepted ways of doing things."
Born to Jakoul, Mae has no memory of her mother except her scent and the silver of her eyes. Alongside her brothers Jakub and Nicodem, she was primarily raised by her "uncle" Arric and her father Akavir. In August of 2023, Mae decided that Cygnet is her sister. During her time away from Swiftcurrent Creek, she found a maternal figure in Reverie.
Pack History
Swiftcurrent Creek (Birth - October 2023)

Hearthwood (October 2023 - February 2024)

Swiftcurrent Creek (March 2024 - present)
Profile of Mae: Additional Information
Registered on March 08, 2023, last visited (Hidden)
Art Credits
Avatar by Lepos, header by Bruno Ramos Lara of Unsplash
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