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Full Name: Ashlar Quinn Mayfair-Cairn
Subspecies: 50 % hudson bay wolf, 50% grey wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 2 (march 4th, 2019)
Birthplace: Lost Creek Hollow
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[Image: owl-2.gif]
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small and spry - he is clad in a coat of silver-gilded earth.

ashlar will grow into a near-clone of his maternal grandfather, lasher taltos mayfair, save for a stunning pair of goldminted eyes

he is ever cheerful and curious, but possessed with a nervous timidity towards new things. ashlar's fear of strangers is offset by a deep affection towards those he holds dear

mother 鈥 mona mayfair
father 鈥 rannveig mayfair-cairn
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profile art by lauren and kite
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28, web developer, midwestern chill

General Notes
- I don't really OOC plot <3
- I'm always willing to discuss threads!
- I try to prioritize plot-heavy threads, but if I am not quick enough, please message me

Character Notes
- I don't mind pp/assumptions, just tag me
- Ashlar is very softspoken and hesitant with strangers. He hates hurting other creatures and will never (at this point) cause intentional harm unless very hard pressed. With friends he is a bit more cheerful and boisterous, and he can easily be pressured into doing stupid things.