Profile of Dauntless: Quick Facts
Played By: aerinne
Basic Info
Full Name: Dauntless Mirza Morningside
Subspecies: Mixed
Sex: Male
Age: 2 years+ (July 1st, 2017)
Birthplace: Morningside Cuesta, Teekon Wilds
At a Glance
artwork by laur
Profile of Dauntless: Details
Toned and perfectly proportioned, Dauntless is a medium sized wolf that stands at an average height garbed in a chocolate brown with hazel eyes that appear more green or brown depending on the day. His short-haired coat is smooth to the touch, lengthening into longer, wispy tendrils at his nape.
At his core, Dauntless is loyal, protective and kind-hearted, but he is at the stage of his life where he’s discovering his sexuality, his place in the hierarchy of his siblings, and sometimes appears to lack a filter of tact between his mouth and his brain. He’s confident, competitive and extroverted (there isn’t a meek bone in the boy’s body). He will stick up for other’s as much as he’ll defend himself. He's also a bit of a carefree goof, much like a Labrador.

Biological Parents
Grayday Khoe/Bhediya*

Catori , Pema

Born 07/01/2017: Easy , Lavendar

Born 11/20/2016: Sunny , Dawn (Grayday Amber)
Born 01/01/2017: Preeti , Kipcha (Fathi Khoe/Bhediya)
Born 04/07/2018: Kasatka , Eventide , Winterbourne (Grayday Catori)

* Dauntless was probably told about his real mother at some point, but he has no memory of her, and he considers Pema and Catori to be his mothers.
Pack History
Round Valley (offsite)
Profile of Dauntless: Additional Information
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Dauntless was re-adopted December 28, 2019; previous threads were written by various other authors.
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