Whitefish River deadwood burning
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you didn't look hard enough. 

stone stands there, wapun meadow, flowers all around and glorious in their vibrancy. she breathes his name, moves forward, but he steps back. "I was right here. why didn't you find me? why didn't you look hard enough?" she can't form any sort of retort, for in this moment, she knows her son is right - he must be. his face crumples, twists, warps and he's a pile of carrion on the ground. bile rises swiftly in her throat, and there are three more bodies, two tinier than the rest. 

"you killed them. you did this" Adi's there, painted in blood. selfish, weak, not strong enough to keep them together. not enough to bear her children, not all of them. not even strong enough to stay when she'd failed. 

she heaves into a thicket, sides convulsing and mind reeling. bile coats the inside of her mouth, and she trembles even as the convulsions still. tensing her shoulders, she blinks closed her gaze and focuses on the rasping of her breath, attempting to shape it back to a regular rhythm. she allows a low keening call to slip from her muzzle, almost inaudible, and then the straightens and moves away from the thicket, all too familiar with just how the next few days, weeks, months, will play out.
September 05, 2019, 09:11 AM
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He caught the tail end of her vomiting, watching from nearby. Looked really sucky for her.

Actually, her face wasn't too familiar to him—Verx had caught glimpses here and there, of her hunting and whatnot, but she definitely was a new wolf in Kaistleoki. He chuffed, padding toward her with his tail swinging slowly behind him, low and friendly. It also looked like she needed a friend. He could be a friend.

You okay? Vercingetorix asked, cocking his head. Want me to get Speedy for you? Yes, please, give him an excuse to call the cute healer, pls & thx.
October 03, 2019, 01:12 PM

"I'm fine." comes her reply, almost second nature now as it passes her lips. her tongue flicked over her lips before straightening and turning back to him, the man a complete stranger to her. good. "probably something I ate." she steps toward him, moreso to put distance between herself and the mess than to speak to him better.  

"who's Speedy?" she name sounds somewhat familiar, though she's too tired and can't care enough to try and puzzle it out. realizing then that a greeting is probably necessary, she tacks on, "I'm Dawn." 
October 04, 2019, 07:37 PM
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Hmmm. Maybe. He didn't altogether buy the excuse, but he didn't feel like arguing. Okay, he responded affably, smiling a little. Speedy's the healer here. I'm Vercingetorix -- but you can call me Verx, because that's a mouthful. Just like me, wink wink, nudge nudge.

Except Jesus dude, you're a father now. Grow the fuck up. Hence, he didn't voice his thoughts out loud.

No, but she was pretty attractive, even if she did have sort of a sad look about her. If she didn't know Speedy by name, she must be new. When did you get to Kaistleoki? Verx asked, by way of small talk. Even if there wasn't any potential, it was good to get to know his fellow packmates. Established their place here even more.