Profile of Vasa: Quick Facts
Played By: Suledin
Basic Info
Full Name: Vasa Redhawk-Voulge
Voice: Likened to Anika Noni Rose
Subspecies: Mixed
Bloodlines: Voulge and Redhawk
Size: Medium, Thin
Sex: Female
Age: 5 (June 25, 2018)
Birthplace: Heron Lake Plateau
Profile of Vasa: Details
Takes after her mother Raven in appearance, with angular features and silken black fur. Eyes of molten gold.
Profile of Vasa: Additional Information
Registered on June 25, 2018, last visited November 16, 2023, 06:15 PM
Art Credits
Avatar by Jaclyn · Header by Laur · Reference by ???
Player Notes
Under new management 09/21/2023. Formerly played by Chan.
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