Profile of Loir: Quick Facts

Credit to KingXXXI for headshot bust, and Etkri for sketch, and Meebs for the chibis!
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Basic Info
Full Name: Loir
Subspecies: Gray Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 3 years (January 1st, 2016)
Birthplace: Yellowstone National Park
At A Glance
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Loir is currently away. Reason: Schooling
Away Since: August 22, 2018 — Returns on: Unknown

Profile of Loir: Details
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Loir is a white Gray Wolf with some black flecks here and there. She has some black on her back, black ears, and also some black or just dark gray on her legs. Loir also has some black around her eyes as well, and she has calm, amber eyes. She also has some black parts on her white tail. Overall, Loir looks very interesting and she is basically a white wolf with black markings.
[Image: JPEG_20180722_130134.jpg]

Loir is generally a kind and brave wolf. She fights for what is right and would risk her life for her pack. Loir is also adventurous and daring, and she'd fight if she has to, but she doesn't really want to die, because she's secretly afraid of getting hurt.

When Loir has made true friends, she stays by their side and will do anything. She is fierce, and would risk her life for them. Loir's also shy, and when around males, crushes, mates, or just total strangers, she may get a little nervous and be shy.
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Loir was born to two unknown parents who had knowledge of the packs, alongside her brother and sister who were unknown, but would pick on her for being the youngest of the litter. Loir was often respected by her parents and treated kindly by them, and they would often try to make Loir's brother and sister to stop bullying her. At the age of 1 year, Loir was trained to hunt and she mastered hunting quite well. One day, not too long after becoming 3 years, Loir returned from a hunt only to see her family murdered, and she ran from the sight, living on her own.

As time passed, Loir was seeking a family, but then one day she stumbled across Morningside borders and was confronted, only to be accepted by Dawn and Aditya when Loir had caught a rabbit and had also gave reason why she had chose to trespass on Morningside grounds. As of now, Loir is a full member.
Pack History
Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Siblings: Unknown
Mate: n/a
Crush: n/a
Offspring: n/a
Lone Wolf-Summer 2018, July
20th—Summer 2018, July 21st

MORNINGSIDE-Summer 2018, July 21st—PRESENT

Current Rank: Comrade IV
Profile of Loir: Additional Information
[Image: Loir_1.png]

[Image: Loir_doing_her_make_up_2.png]

Name Pronunciation: LOH-er
Mentor: Aditya
Theme Song: Shut Eye—Stealing Sheep
Voice Claim: Dove Cameron


Hunting: •••/•••••
Tracking: •••/•••••
Speed: ••••/•••••
Strength: •••/•••••
Knowledge: •••••/•••••
Sight: ••••/•••••
Stamina: •••/•••••
Defense: ••/•••••
Skill: ••••/•••••
Attack Speed: ••••/•••••

NAME MEANING: Misspelling of "Loer", which is Dutch for "pry".
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