Ursus Pack Summary
Welcome to URSUS.

Ursus resides in Bearclaw Valley, a conifer-studded hamlet encircled by spires of glacial ledge. Visitors, please note -- there is only one entrance into Bearclaw which is through Wapun Meadow. 

Ursus wolves are territorial, and may attack trespassers. Ursus follows WOLF's trespassing guidelines, which can be found here. 

header images by ebony <3

Rank shuffle, & Ursus has its first ally

Welcome to the cult, Glaucos & Astyanax!

Rank shuffle <3

Rank shuffle & a welcome to Joaquin! 

Beep Beep Delivery! Welcome URSide, Avicus and Aventus. 

Rank shift!

- Welcome to Ikkalrok!

- Welcome to Orson!

- Check out our discussion about internal territories here!

- Ursus is live! Thank you to all you amazing people who made this happen. You guys are awesome!

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Founded on April 20, 2020
Managed by Astara, Merrick
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