Ursus Pack Summary
Welcome to URSUS.

Ursus resides in Bearclaw Valley, a conifer-studded hamlet encircled by spires of glacial ledge. Visitors, please note -- there is only one entrance into Bearclaw which is through Wapun Meadow.

Ursus wolves are territorial, and may attack trespassers. Ursus follows WOLF's trespassing guidelines, which can be found here.

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- Welcome to Auriel, Arielle, & Solomon Bishop!

- Avicus challenges Aventus here!

- A wolverine has been spotted in Ursus!

- Congrats to Aventus for becoming Bruin-leaf in Ursus!

- Welcome to Solaria!

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Founded on April 20, 2020
Managed by Aventus, Merrick
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