Saints Of The Dying Light Pack Summary

"Tucked away in a corner of Tuktu, lies Hideaway Strath. A paradise, found by the Saints — a refuge. It is a small valley divided by a river which runs alongside the forest. Unescapable, and impenetrable on all sides except the north, this place is perfect for the grizzly deeds of the Saints. Unseen, and untouched. Stumbling upon their borders for the first time can be jarring. Not only would one be met with the might of the Saints, but the decayed skeletons of a wolf, bear, and two coyotes. Their horrifying deaths only serving to decorate their borders with a promise that whoever wrongs them will be next."
Amongst all the packs, The Saints of the Dying Light lay in wait for a victim. A band of criminals who value one another, either as family or as a pack, are expected to work together. The wolves dwelling in Hideaway Strath seek to disrupt and destroy the lives of others. The borders are heavily scented and patrolled, trespassing will result in a hostile greeting. See trespassing for more.


Non-members may not have a private thread within this board - all threads involving outsiders will be open for a Saint to join, and that member has the rights to call for the pack.

Intruders must adhere to WOLF’s guidelines on trespassers in event of IC conflict. You must sustain at least one major injury for trespassing.

To join, please use the joining icon and tag the current Grandmaster and Overseer to get the right attention!

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Saints Of The Dying Light
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