Stone Circle And I wonder
May 23, 2020, 09:53 AM

Valette was convinced she was pregnant, until a few days ago. Ever since she had seen her sister give birth she had that familiar feeling of teats filling up with milk, only the strange thing was that she didn't have the weight that normally came with the pregnancy. She had gone through heat, but to give milk already it was far too early. Valette had three litters and things had never happened in this order. When the milk would start, she would be close to giving birth which didn't fit in the timeline with her heat. It confused the female greatly, and it upset her. Because if she was giving milk already it probably meant that this year she would not have pups of her own. She still wasn't sure how she was going to tell Greyback. Maybe he noticed that she had been growing teats but not known that it was far too early for that. Valette blamed herself, it was probably because of her body condition. A few months ago the matriarch had been on the brink of starvation and her body was still recovering.

To have milk without having any pups was extremely confronting. Empty feeling. Valette made her way to Nanook's den. The matriarch looked visibly upset. "Nook--,' she croaked as she saw her. Valette wanted to keep herself together but she never experienced this before. To be.. barren. It was a terrible feeling. "I-- I'm not--," she couldn't even say it. When she saw the little pups, a jab of jealousy and disappointment shot through her. She just looked at her sister. She hoped she understood what she meant to say. "I have milk. Can... Can I please feed yours?," she asked, desperate to at least nurture something. She was glad that Nanook agreed and quickly went to lie down inside the den. She nudged the little ones closer to her belly where there was more than enough milk for them.

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May 23, 2020, 01:01 PM
The boy’s life had so far been rather uneventful. He woke, he ate, he shuffled around his siblings, and then he promptly fell back to sleep. Only to wake a few hours later and start the cycle over again. Sometimes when he woke, the large presence that kept him and his litter mates warm didn’t have any sustenance, and had a different smell then he was used to. But he had come to trust these two differing beings.

But today he was rudely awoken by the shifting of his mother as she stepped away. But he was not greeted by the comforting scent of his father either. No no. This scent while not entirely unknown, was still quite new to the boy. Selamuit let out a small cry of confusion. He wasn’t hungry enough for the scent of milk to dissuade him. He shuffled and whimpered, bumping his closest neighbour in his scuffle.
May 23, 2020, 11:57 PM
Kallik had decided from the beginning that eating was his favorite activity. He ate pretty much every chance he got, sometimes just because he liked the contentment and safety he felt while he was dong it. His preference for eating above all other things showed in the roundness of his belly and the pudginess of his limbs and neck. 

Eating was what he was doing now, blissfully unaware of the disruption that was soon to come. The food provider, and his personal favorite blob, suddenly moved. Kallik held on anyway and was lifted and pulled forward with her a little ways until he lost his grip and plopped back on the ground. Furious squeaks filled the den as he scooted around searching for the other blob; he was warm and comforting, too, but he never had anything for Kallik to eat and so had been rightfully dubbed the second favorite. 

The warmth that did finally surround him was different but the smell of food was instantly recognizable. His brother threw a fit beside him, but Kallik couldn't figure out why? He had already began to root around, finding the right spot with relative ease. This blob smelled vaguely familiar, but felt kind of different; it was a little confusing at first, but not enough to deter him. So, within seconds, he was re-latched and filling his belly again.

May 24, 2020, 11:39 AM
Ikiaq had not been, and would never be, good with change. He'd only been sleeping when their mother walked away, not eating, but was stirred further from his slumber when another body replaced her own. 

Excuse me?

This was weird, he firmly decided, and he did not approve. A few quick, noisy breaths came from his nose when the big shape pushed him toward her belly and he let out a sharp scream, face wrinkled up in displeasure. Where was his food bringer? Had they been abandoned to this new shape? Once again, his mother did not understand the protocol Iki had set up for himself, and his tenseness and trembling showed for it.
June 02, 2020, 01:59 PM
The combination of movement and Valette's milk coaxed Taktuq from her dozing. Although she knew something was up, as she knew that their current milk-bearer was not her mother, Taktuq was not one to decline a meal. Eagerly, she scooted herself forward in an attempt to find the most accessible nipple. 

Within moments, Taktuq had located the Matriarch's breast and began to feed; there was no shortage of milk from this new milk-bearer. Satisfied with the abundance of food, and taking full advantage of the situation, Taktuq ate more than she needed to satiate herself.