10 Year WOLFiversary!
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Welcome to WOLF's 10th anniversary!! We would not be able to celebrate such a distinctive milestone without our amazing community. Thank you to everyone for all the years of brilliant writing and collaboration. We are excited to share with you a little surprise for the month of July, a small community-driven BWP featuring both OOC and IC events for all.

To participate, you do not need to sign up -- but you do need to track your own threads individually and submit them here once the festival is over. Each category has a prize for the top winner, featuring art from our own community. The event runs July 1st to August 31st . Keep in mind that only threads started after July 1st count, and they must have at least 9 replies and be archived to count. Each thread may only count for a single prompt. 

Prize: Full Body with Background by Summer
Given to the top poster of July.

Honorable Mentions
- Second place top poster of July will get a fullbody piece by Starr
- Third place top poster of July will get a 250 x 350 avatar by Starr

Prize: 250x300px Avatar by Suledin
This category is for those who like a challenge while keeping things positive! Players must create threads with the following prompts. Players who complete the most prompts (or all of them) win a prize. In the event of a tie, both players win.

An abundance of prey is noted in Teekon.
An unusual meteor shower has lasted a whole week.
Glacial meltwater has created several vernal pools in the Teekon.
Your character discovers fairy circles in an unlikely place.
Mineral-rich water has created heavy blooms and rich green vegetation.
A herd of white bison have been noted in the area.
A massive migration of trumpeter swans has crashed at local water hot spots.
A recent bout of rain has washed away a massive skeleton - what is it?
Your character discovers an orca pod has stranded fish along the beach (requires sea proximity).
A swarm of cicadas crashes your character's den.
A recent minor earthquake reveals a new den -- with former occupants.
A herd of elk are trapped in a mountain pass.
Your character discovers a hidden gem.
Crabs! Thousands of crabs!!
Weather conditions are so favorable for fruit that your character discovers delicious fermented fruit.

Prize: Bust by Neomaa
This category is for those who seek glory no matter the cost. Players must create threads with the following prompts. All threads must be a minimum of 9+ replies and archived.

Your character becomes hunted -- by a mountain lion.
Your character is pursued by a rabid animal.
A landslide event happens as your character is actively hunting.
A forest fire starts while your character is asleep.
Your character becomes trapped while exploring a den.
Your character discovers a body of a previously played character who died in-game. (+1 additional thread point)
Rising waters threaten your character and family to temporarily relocate.
Your character is bitten by a snake and their wound becomes infected.
Boars, bears, and bison, oh my! Your character is maimed in a hunt.
Your character is unwillingly whumped by another player character.
Your character is struck by lightning.
You secure a kill, but a large predator chases your character off.
While swimming, your character is attacked by something aquatic.
Your character falls from a cliff/hill/mountainside.
Another player's character tries to kill yours.

Prize: Portrait or fullbody by Bees
Given to the player who has completed the most BWP threads in the month of July (across all characters).

Prize: Bust by Raindrop
Senior Superlatives, but WOLF-squared! These Senior Superlatives will be done by community nomination. Winner will be the person with the most honorable mentions.
Senior Superlatives: https://forms.gle/RNE6QiejQraXyGWs8

Prize: Art by Tazi
Milestone oriented goals for the adventurous and pioneering! Each milestone counts as +1 thread point once completed and archived unless marked otherwise.

Your character joins a pack.
Your character obtains a trade.
Your character helps form a pack. (+5 thread points)
Your character obtains a second trade ( +5 thread points).
Your character visits five territories in the month of July.
Your character visits all seven regions of the map.
Your character defeats Tony the Tiger in battle.
Your character procreates live puppies. 
Your character finds a mate.
Your character loses a family member, mate, or pack mate.
Your character goes through a nasty break-up.
Your character's pack disbands (+5 thread points).
Your character discovers a new belief, god, or system.
Your character obtains a mastery trade.
Your character kills another character - accidental or otherwise.

In addition to our small community event, the CM team has listened to feedback from our May feedback form, and have decided to open up the last remaining part of our Map. Please go to our Naaghai Lowlands Territory Drive to contribute to the site-wide territory naming drive! Names will be selected by CMs and the territory should go live on the 15th.

Please keep an eye out for The Narrator posts coming soon to a territory near you! We have some fun events cooked up.

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