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Ankyra Sound

Ankyra Sound is a wide swath of bright strand tucked between the fierce rise of formidable cliffs. The Sound itself is secluded, and the only way to access the beach is by traveling deep into the heart of Ankyra's territory through the Monolith Forest. Flanked by both the ascension of cliff and the thickly wooded brake of Sequoia wildwoods, the Sound possesses a haunting and ethereal quality.

Included Areas

Monolith Forest: Standing sentinel over the impassable cliffs bordering Ankyra Sound, Monolith Forest truly lives up to its name. Among the regular variety of trees tower ancient sequoias, dwarving their companions and casting long shadows over the sea below. With a climate much like a temperate rainforest, Monolith Forest attracts a great many animals large and small, including the elusive and rare spirit bear. Territory description written by Lauren

Barrow Fields

A sprawling field, named for the odd mounds that break its smooth surface. Digging into these mounds proves to be fruitless, though there are legends that tell of piles of bone stored beneath, placed there by ancient (and much larger) wolves. The area is otherwise plain— except for the way it makes one's neck hairs stand on end, accompanied by the uncomfortable feeling of being hunted. Territory description written by Magpie.

Blackbeak Bluff

Rolling fields of emerald green make an abrupt stop as the ground suddenly drops off. Here, a sheer, impossible to navigate rock cliff plunges into the ocean waves. To overstep or jump off this edge is to plunge to a rocky death. There is no shoreline. Only patches of mostly inaccessible beaches that are more home to sea birds or lazing seals than anything else. This area has an incredible view of the sunset and is more of a bird sanctuary than anything else. Territory description written by Iqniq.

Blackwater Islands

The Blackwater Islands are an archipelago of seven islands surrounded by several smaller islets not too far away from the mainland. The islands are small and rocky, swept by fierce storm winds, with poor soil and hardly any grass covering them. While located at roughly the same latitude as Wheeling Gull Isle, the harsh storm winds that howl through the islands make them fairly cold. Territory description written by Aella.

Cerulean Cape

Over time, sea levels have fluxed and tides have flowed, letting the incredible energy of the ocean's waves carve the land away to leave this gorgeous feature of the Teekon Wilds. A long peninsula extends a few miles out into the crystal clear, blue waters that define Cerulean cape, creating an ecosystem that supports many types of lifeforms including crabs, turtles and aquatic plants. Baby dolphins and sharks are a common sight here at certain times of the year, though as they age, they begin their trek farther out into the depths of the ocean. Territory description written by Nanuk.

Coconut Grove

Nobody can explain the tropical trees that have taken root at this sandy cape, yet they're there all the same! A handful of palm trees dot the coast, bearing clusters of green fruit which ripen into coconuts and drop to the ground to be devoured by the (perplexed) locals. Native plants also grow here and there, giving the place a breezy, sand-swept atmosphere.

Dragoncrest Cliffs

Intimidating, sharp cliffs that line the coast.  They are a popular nesting place of many different birds, and their slopes are dangerous but passable.  Trees line the ledges that descend irregularly towards the coast, but the impressive cliff faces form a sheer barrier between the coast and the forest above.  Only those knowledgeable can hope to find passage down without instead circling to less intimidating routes further down. Territory description written by Colt.

Gilded Bay

Flowing in from the tumultuous ocean, pathways of rushing water cut through the sand before feeding into small pools that dot the shore. Opening into a small, rounded area flanked by sloping hills, travelers are given some respite from the windy coastline. Short but thick spires rise into the air, surrounded by rocks both smooth and jagged. Unique treasures can be found within the crevices of these rocks, as well as delicacies from the sea that have become entrapped in the pools. The high tide overtakes the area at night, refreshing each rock pool for the next day. Territory description written by Atreyu.

Gyrfalcon's Keep

A short, desolate mountain not much greater than a very tall, rocky hill, Gyrfalcon's Keep doesn't have much going for it. It's a great place to go to be alone, but not a good place for thinking, as it is home to hundreds of gyrfalcons whose screeching persists throughout the day. The birds usually leave visitors alone, but get too close to their nests and a wolf is bound to feel their talons.

Horizon Ridge

Horizon Ridge was once an impressive sight: a large stone slab overlooking the ocean beside which a gorgeous forest flourished. While the forest remains, the stone itself was smashed apart by a rockslide, leaving a mess of rubble where once a great ridge stood. The ridge once shielded a collection of tide pools which, being open to the elements now, are either completely dried up or too concentrated for anything to live in.

Included Areas

Echo Channel: A sprawling grove of massive trees, similar to those found near Ankyra Sound, grow here along the coast. The majority of the trees are collected to the north of the ridge proper and they spread out towards the south, where the soil becomes inundated by the Totoka river. In times of heavy rainfall, when the river overflows, this area is known for becoming a bayou of sorts. Water rises and covers the massive exposed roots of the trees - transforming the forest floor in to a massive mirror. Territory description written by Tryphon.

Iktome Plains

Just over the sand of the Gilded Bay lays the vast empire of the Iktome. This area is dominated by the spidery legs of patchy bunchgrass, providing safe refuge for ground dwelling coastal birds and other insects that can tolerate the buffeting winds off the waters. The shrubby terrain is loamy and difficult towards the Bay before smoothing out into a wide openness. One can see for miles at this landmark for no tree blemishes the horizon until butting into the Hinterlands. The area is dry, warmer off the coast, and slightly rolling with little variation in the landscape. Prey often migrate in and out of the Plains but hunting here can be treacherous as it is difficult to run or chase without stumbling over the clumps of bunchgrass dotting every inch foot room. Territory description written by Grim.

Ocean's Breath Plateau

Spectacular views of the ocean and neighboring territories awaits those that stand atop the plateau, so named for the cool, saline wind that blows in from the bay and sweeps across it. From a distance, it does not appear to offer much shelter and looks to be flat, but this is deceiving. The plateau is characterized by carpets of tall soft grasses broken by large swaths of short, stout conifers and shrubs, which conceal the dips and hollows of the land. Beneath the tangle of thick limbs and throughout the grass is an immense network of rabbit trails, and sea birds roost and nest around the plateau's rockier edges, offering two plentiful sources of food for any wolf that makes the climb. Territory description written by Luke.

Oystercatcher Tide Pools

This is the perfect seaside destination for some fun in the sun (and maybe a snack!). Five pools of varying sizes offer a veritable treasure trove of undersea creatures, albeit only during low tides. The area is heavily populated by various seabirds who feast on the pools' offerings.

Ravensblood Forest

One of the darker features of the Wilds, this forest is nestled in the shadow of two mountains, one on each side. At first glance, it's a normal collection of sequoia trees but upon closer inspection, you'll usually find hardened, glossy red sap dribbling down the trunks. Some say the trees are 'bleeding', and in a way, they are. Add all of this to the fact that there's a myth or two surrounds the forest about how to see a dead raven here means your time death is coming near and you have the stuff of nightmares to scare the pups into behaving. Territory description written by Nanuk.

Ravenshook Cliffs

Sprawling out along the northwestern part of the Teekon Wilds are a set of cliffs long eroded away by time.  The land rises swiftly to meet this formidable structure, riddled with caverns and crevasses ripe for exploration.  But with this exploration comes the element of danger, as not all of the cliff side is safe for venture.  In times of rough weather and rough seas, this once majestic piece of landscape has been known to crumble without warning.  Composed of gritty rock and old sun-and-salt bleached woods long dead, it is safe to say that something happened once upon a time to this particular territory, but the secrets of such are long lost to the sands of time and change. Territory description written by Mordecai.

Sea Lion Shores

Accompanied by much barking and the overwhelming scent of seaweed, this sandy shoreline, broken by large pools, is most known for the colony of sea lions that inhabit its coves. Day or night, they crawl within the rocky shoals, making themselves at home as they sun themselves or pile upon each other to sleep. If given enough space and viewed from a distance, these sea lions can be fairly harmless. Caution is advised, however, during their late spring to early summer breeding season as the males have been known to be extremely territorial and aggressive over their harems. Territory description written by Iqniq.

Seaside Moors

A large swath of hilly landscape, interrupted on occasion by small shrubs, trees and rock formations. The cries of seabirds often ring out over the territory and a rejuvenating sea breeze often ripples through the moorland's foliage; the territory offers the benefits of coastal life, without the rugged dangers of living directly on the shore.

Shimmering Sands

South of the Oystercatcher Tide Pools lies an unusual salt flat, glimmering and sparkling white beneath the sun's rays. No foliage grows here, but it often attracts ungulates for the rich minerals that coat the territory's surface; a supplement to their diet. There is little shelter and no freshwater here, making the Shimmering Sands a risky but potentially fruitful place to visit.

Stavanger Bay

A lavish bay is nestled between two large arms of sentinel stone cliffs. The waters here are rich with fish and crustaceans brought in with the ever changing tides. The sandy shores shift into soft, emerald grasses that later become a thriving forest riddled with gentle rivers, hidden lakes, and luxurious waterfalls. The bay is a well protected slice of paradise with vast resources and plenty to explore. Territory description written by Iqniq.

The Sentinels

The large trees that once stood as proud sentinels have met their defeat in flames; many have collapsed on their sides, some have been reduced to ash, and some remain standing making the place dangerous indeed. For the trees that are standing are nothing but deadwood, that stand no chance against violent windstorms that once they could easily withstand. If one hears a loud crash, it is the sound of yet another fallen guardian. The place, now, is more a graveyard than anything-though, upon close observation, signs of life can be found.
Territory description written by Kit.

Totoka River

Crystalline snowmelt from the mountains further inland carved its escape in the form of this river. Winding down ridges, through forests, and across plains, the Totoka river is a host of diverse and rich mineral content as well as home to a variety of both fresh and saltwater fish. As this river nears the ocean, it spreads into a series of glassy deltas were thin layers of water over sand act as mirrors and reflect the skies above. While lovely on its own, this area becomes truly magnificent at sunset where the water appears as though it were set on fire. Territory description written by Iqniq.

Turtle Island

Despite it's name, Turtle Island really isn't home to a lot of turtles. It draws its name from the crude shape it makes, which is not unlike a turtle shell. This treeless and rocky mound is nearly unreachable save the best of swimmers, or the unfortunate victim pulled out to sea by riptides. It is but another home for sea lions and gulls, which for the visitors to this nearly featureless terrain can provide some fun and enjoyment, or sheer displeasure depending upon their experience. Dotted with ferns and other small vegetation and from the shore, the island at times seemingly disappears beneath the rise and fall of the tides. Territory description written by Mordecai.

Wheeling Gull Isle

The island is compact rather than sprawling. Its interior is features a squat rocky hill and a dense coniferous forest. Gulls and other ocean faring birds prefer the rocks for roosting, while a flock of sea crows is more at home in the boughs of the weather worn trees. The island's shoreline is mostly a smooth, uninterrupted beach that is refreshed with new bounties each time the tide rolls in; except for the eastern shore, which is a span of rock ledges and tide pools. Daring swimmers can access the island at any time, but low tide reveals a sandy land bridge that affords safer passage.

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