Ouroboros Spine Ouroboros Spine
March 17, 2015, 11:49 AM
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Basic Information
Pack Name: Ouroboros Spine
Pack Ranks: Click to view
Location: Great Bear Wilderness
Acronym: OS
Founded: July 11, 2014
Founding Leaders: Jinx (Chelsie)
Founding Subordinates: Lecter, Sitri, Ira, Tyrande
Pack Colors: Regalia (#583A78) & Rofous (#AB1C03)
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Past Leaders
Jinx: Alpha Female (07/2014 鈥 07/2014)
Mordecai: Alpha Male (09/2014 鈥 12/2014)
Cara: Alpha Female (07/2014 鈥 08/2014)
Ptarmigan: Alpha Female (08/2014 鈥 08/2014)
Cara: Alpha Female (08/2014 鈥 04/2015)
Lecter: Beta Male (07/2014 鈥 08/2014)
Mordecai: Beta Male (08/2014 鈥 09/2014)
Kaname: Beta Male (08/2014 鈥 04/2015)
Tonravik: Alpha Female (04/2015 鈥 08/2015)
Kerosene: Alpha Male (06/2015 鈥 08/2015)
Nanuk: Beta Female (06/2015 鈥 08/2015)

Pack Philosophy
The Spine is a pack of wolves who adhere to traditional wolf pack standards. They are highly territorial, aggressive toward alien wolves, and above all else, protective of and loyal to their own.

Pack History
Formerly the Silvertip Mountain pack, these wolves left the mountain to avoid conflict and discovered an idyllic, ancient conifer forest contained within a circular mountain valley. Shortly after settling, Jinx, the founding alpha, fell victim to rabies, and Lecter, the beta at the time, chose Cara and Kaname to lead in her place.

Before Jinx could die naturally, an opportunistic female named Ptarmigan infiltrated the territory drowned Jinx, before besting Cara in combat and stealing the rank of Alpha female. Later by an unexpected twist of events, one of the pack's own members, Sitri, claimed the usurper's life, giving the Spine's leadership back to Cara only this time she would rule with Mordeacai instead. Soon after, however, Mordecai left to pursue his own life outside, leaving once more the pack to lie in Cara's hands.

There was a time when Cara ruled, but due to an unknown reason by any dwelling in the Spine, abandoned the helm. Tonravik, noting the place neglecting a dominant scent, comes to take the place for her own. She does so without any issues whatsoever, and takes the helm aside Echelon and Kroc, her regime a stricter one.

Following the destruction of Ouroboros Spine to the 2015 tornado, the pack relocated to Sawtooth Spire.
June 09, 2015, 08:52 PM
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Internal Territories
Internal territories, or sub-territories, are areas located within聽a pack's territory that are distinct from one another. They serve as named landmarks for the pack. While internal territories are described here for anyone to reference, only members of the pack may roleplay in them.

[Image: ostarritutlake.jpg]
Tarritut Lake:聽Tarritut Lake is a well-known landmark by the wolves of the Spine given its impressive size. Freshwater streams and a river fall into it, depositing rocks and fish alike into its mouth. The lake mirrors the mountains around it, and is crystal clear. The waters are relatively still except for the days with heavy winds that make the lake a turbulent one. Tarritut lake looks peaceful enough, and at its center lays Tonrar Isle. The waters become exceptionally deep between the two points, and the swim to the island is a long one. (submitted by Tonravik).

[Image: ostonrarisle.jpg]
Tonrar Isle聽(Ghost Island): A modest island located near the center of Tarriut Lake, this isle is hit or miss. Thick fog clings to this island, often concealing it from view. On clear days, the fog lifts to reveal a modest shoreline dotted with evergreens and a population of mule deer. This island is a quiet solace for anyone willing to risk the lengthy swim. (submitted by Kerosene).

[Image: ostakiyokriver.jpg]
Takiyok River聽(Long River): Takiyok River courses through the entirety of the lands, hence its name. It is long, winding, and separates a vast majority of internal territories from one point to the next. On one side there may be a forest, the other, a meadow, and the next, a steep incline as it continues on. Takiyok river feeds into all water sources of the Spine and is contained within its mountainous range. (submitted by Tonravik).

[Image: oscrescentbasin.jpg]
Crescent Basin:聽The Tarriut Lake flows underground towards one of the crescents of the mountain. If one looks hard enough in the Inukpakpok Forest, it is possible to find one of the natural caves which leads deep in to the mountain - and then spirals down in to an underground lake, which spreads beneath the mountain and connects back to the lake. (Submitted by Salamander).

[Image: osinukpakpokforest.jpg]
Inukpakpok Forest聽(Old Forest):Inukpakpok is a territory that moans with age as you pass through it, but is mighty nonetheless with as it contains massive pale trees. In the spring and summer, the forest is full and offers plenty shade. In the winter, the place is barren and horribly quiet save for the branches brushing against one another to create an eerie cacophony. (submitted by Tonravik).

[Image: osnellayoktree.jpg]
Nellayok Tree聽(Down Tree):聽Located in the center of Inukpakpok Forest is a massive, fallen tree with lichen scattered atop it. The roots at the end of Nellayok Tree are partially embedded in the earth and the rest curl upward in a pretty fashion. The hollow here provides聽聽a true den to those who enter past the thick roots into the earth. Smaller trees fell in聽Nellayok's wake and suspend the heavy hollow of Nellayok's trunk to provide an additional reprieve. The tree can be climbed atop of by access of its roots and its length spans across the Takiyok River.聽(submitted by Tonravik).

[Image: ospukulria.jpg]
Pukulria聽(Bone Chewer):聽One of the Spine's mysteries, an assortment of bones piles skyward, much taller than any wolf. Broken skeletons litter this grave, specimens ranging from squirrel to bear and every animal you could think of. How they got here, no one's quite sure as there are no scents or clues but there's something for everyone's bone-chewing fantasies. (submitted by Kroc).

[Image: osagatilpit.jpg]
Agatil Pit聽(To Wash Away Pit):聽An area of the Spine where the surface shale has eroded away, leaving behind spires of haphazardly stacked monoliths. The ground is uneven and slippery because of the loose shale, the stacks are weak in spots and are known to crumble, and there are spaces between the stacks which allow a wanderer to slip between the spires. (submitted by Salamander).

[Image: oskotsiktokpond.jpg]
Kotsiktok Pond聽(Placed High Pond):聽A modest, shallow basin located atop one of the squat mountain peaks. It fills with rainwater during the wet months and evaporates to become a shallow pit during dryer seasons. When filled with water from the rains, the pool is stagnant and therefore unsafe to drink. Those who try might find themselves feverish or sick. (submitted by Tonravik).