Moonspear don't you love what is intangible?
All Welcome  May 29, 2017, 12:58 PM
Also, i’m referencing this thread where Alya pretends to be Lyra

Since speaking to Lyra, Olive had always wanted to see the girl again. She was much for gentle than Hydra, yet more heavy-handed than the pale girl Korei Julia. The girl was not yet a yearling but asked after the larger questions of life — topics about healing and life that Olive adulated and liked to promote interest in. There was a seed of interest and Olive wanted to see it bloom! But the wolves of Moonspear were rough around the edges and Olive did not know if Lyra would be open to the idea of sharing knowledge and learning more from each other. When it came to nature and the ways of the world, there were no teacher and there were no pupils, only symbiotic relationships.

The sun was quickly setting in the heavy, late-spring sky. The stars were eager to come out and play, and Olive knew she had nothing better to do with her cubs off to play and Dakarai seeing after his own pursuits. So Olive took up rounds around the summit of the mountain, finding the girl’s scent trail and then pursuing it so that they might spend some time together. Olive thought it was Lyra’s bouquet she follow, at least, though it was so hard to tell the three sisters apart by scent or sight. 

and all my days are trances, and all my nightly dreams
are where thy grey eye glances, and where thy footstep gleams
in what ethereal dances, by what eternal streams