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Bracken Sanctuary
moving thread 2/3! dated for march 4-5th roughly. optional/tagged for reference! @Jomyo @Queenie @Gracious @Mona @Nathaniel @Anatha @Euron @Ramsay @Malice

he does not push the pace that they're on. jomyo's just been on this journey after all, and the kids traveled for god knows how long before arriving at tindome only for delight to pack 'em all back up and ship 'em off again. (he feels bad about it, he does, but it's not like he could have planned it any better). 

delight himself has never been this far away from tindome, and once they pass around the curve of the mountain his anxiety is slowly replaced by curiousity. there'd been a time where he'd considered taking up scouting -- maybe next time he'll tag along with jomyo or something. there's definitely more activity here, the interwoven smells of wolves overlapping until it's nearly overwhelming, and though he's tempted to divert to the coast just to see, he keeps them on track until they find themselves in a nice unoccupied forest. this is as good a resting spot as any, and @Mato tells him they're getting closer. satisfied, delight finds a spot to settle, though he stays awake for a bit in case anyone needs him.

there's only one place this road ever ends up and i don't want to die alone
March 03, 2018, 02:57 PM
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        the little pack was rather quiet as they traveled, and mona felt she was the most elated among then. tindome was leaving tuktu, and with it silver creek, where she had been born. the beautiful little place, now desolate without the presence of wolves, reminded mona of nothing more than the fact her life had been a lie from that point on; she was happy to leave it.
        the firebird trotted alongside the tall rochester, two steps to every one of his broad paws, but the excitement that was building in her breast veiled what would otherwise be an annoyance. her eyes glowed as she looked to nathaniel now, then to delight, who was signalling that they would pause here, in this thick green forest. presently the mayfair halted in her tracks and stretched with a long contented sigh, dancing toward her stark-eyed falcon with the tease of exploration in her murkwater gaze. this was the farthest into the teekon she had gone thus far, and she was keen to waste no opportunity.
March 04, 2018, 09:34 AM
Bracken Sanctuary
Fatigue was not the most comfortable state, but Queenie thought that it was worth it. While everyone was asleep, she had the opportunity to watch over and protect them like a real mercenary should. Eventually, Queenie knew that she would leave Tindómë and start a Family like she'd originally intended to do, but for now, these wolves were her family. It was her duty to keep them safe.

Every chance she'd gotten, Queenie would approach Delight and make sure that he was okay. It was stressful moving all of these wolves, she was sure, but he seemed to be keeping his composure. Because they were so alike, though, she knew that what it looked like he was doing wasn't always the whole story. Almost there, right? she asked Jomyo in hopes that they would soon have a chance to really rest.

"dulce periculum."
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March 04, 2018, 06:26 PM
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The journey was quiet and peaceful, the moving pack did little to attract unwanted attention from the unknown lands they were entering, which was a large plus. The last thing they would want to do is alert others of their presence and somehow fall into a war over territories of some sort. She remained silent, oftentimes she caught herself humming and quietly singing to keep herself entertained.

With Delight calling for a rest in what looked to be a quiet and overall unclaimed forest, the mountainous woman settled down not too far from Delight. She was sleepy, to say the least; Gracious had more strength than she did endurance. Maybe this trip would help build up her wind. Shutting her eyes, she rested her chin on the top part of her front paws, falling slowly into slumber.
March 05, 2018, 01:19 AM
Lone Wolves

So far, so good..

Jomyo's hopeful. Everything is still in one piece and she's feeling good about it now that they have the Tuktu officially behind them by a lengthy span of miles. Helping to lead the group is strange for her, but as long as she categorizes it underneath scouting job, she finds she can make it happen by some sort of sheer willpower--or maybe it's just meant to happen. It's definitely new to her, but it seems to be going smoothly. She's never traveled with a pack to uproot like this before.. and she wants to believe it will bring about an interesting turn of events for the little band of wolves. And, really, they've got little to lose. Their elk was dead, winter proved lonely, and now nothing kept them rooted there at all.

On to bigger and better things, the ambar hoped.

It was a protective-feeling forest that sheltered their rest for now, and she had just finished her typical vague lap around their area when she nodded at Queenie. "Pretty close," she was thankful to confirm as she settled down into a spot of her own vaguely near Delight, Mato, and Gracious' vicinity too. She glanced up as Mona and Nathaniel did their own things (as far as she was concerned). "Just before that big mountain." the agouti scout pointed her muzzle off towards the Sunspire range, and although she did not have the name for it exactly, the Sunspire. Its height would draw the eye naturally, and thanks to Valette's effective directions, Jomyo knew it was right there.
March 10, 2018, 06:48 PM
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Nathaniel wasn't sad to leave his father's grave behind; he had tried not to think on it when the pack first departed, fearing he would be. The feeling never came. He was relieved, instead, and not sure if guilt was warranted for this feeling. He wasn't sure if he could conjure up the emotion even if it was.
The journey made it a little easier to forget such things. He glanced now to his firebird as she moved closer, not missing the Morwinyon's signal. The familiar green fire in her eyes told him that her journey was not done for the day. Despite himself, his expression softened by fractions, and his tail swept a few times from side to side. He looked briefly to Delight, then to Queenie, seeking some confirmation of his assumption that she would already be moving to watch over the pack. That she was near the others was enough for Nathaniel, and his gaze turned back to Mona then.
Feeling adventurous today, firebird? He murmured, allowing something like gentle playfulness to slip into his normally dry tone. It certainly would not have been there if anyone else could hear.
March 17, 2018, 07:18 AM
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        by now, mona was aware that nathaniel acted in a different way in her presence than he did 'round the rest of the pack. she was flattered by the knowledge, of course, pleased she could draw the somber man from his dry shell. at his tease, mona cut through the air with an overjoyed wave of her plume. "hmm," she murmured, making a great show of letting her eyes roam over what details she could see of the vale.
        "yes. are you?" mona asked of nathaniel, beginning to drift away from their packmates, anticipating that the falcon would follow.