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All Welcome  April 17, 2018, 07:44 AM
It'd been a few days since he had seen @Gannet. Maybe the male had simply stayed clear of the pups because he didn't want to be in the way, but maybe something else was going on. Charon had been pretty certain that this thrall would take his duties seriously — that he would stay. To find him gone for a bit made Charon feel itchy, especially considering the big chunk that had been taken out of his pack's member base with the recent betrayal. Not many had come since and he didn't mind -- he was fine with their smaller, but solid base consisting largely of his children, especially with the young pups around, vulnerable as they were -- but neither did he want to lose the members they had left.

As he guarded @Amekaze and the pups that morning Charon felt the itch to go and look where Gannet'd gone, see if he could find anything, at least, a trace. He considered calling @Hydra and @Lyra but did not for now, deciding it could wait and anyway, he'd likely see them soon regardless as they would at times take over his duties to guard -- along with @Vela and @Jarilo -- just like last year so that he could get a bit of rest and some food for Amekaze. These weeks were particularly vulnerable so maybe it was best to wait a little with starting a search. Meanwhile he idly wondered how @Lucy was coming along, as he had not seen her proper since she had joined; hopefully Lyra had patched her up a bit by now so that she could contribute to the pack. And what of @Drogon? He had not seen his daughter's love interest for a while, but perhaps he, too, had steered clear of the pup den knowing that it was not yet his time to help look after them.

A moment of his inflection time on guard was given to the departed girl -- he'd already forgotten her name -- as well as Dune, the latter stinging especially much. He could not help but wonder why Dune'd left, for he had been so loyal from the start. Had he been taken or killed somehow?

A soft sigh brought the father to look back towards the den, where the soft mewls of puppies sounded, bringing him back to the present.

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April 18, 2018, 12:09 PM

✴        It had been eighteen days since he had slid from the black void, and found this place of light. Until now he had been ignorant to what this new existence entailed; for the most part, he was still oblivious to the bulk of it. But the child's awareness increased with each day, and soon his capabilities did as well. He was often jockeying for a position upon the void-mother and would settle there to feast, kicking at anything that came between him and his food. Today was no different; he had feasted until milk dribbled from his lips and he felt ready to explode.

The change happened gradually, and it happened in accordance to a timetable he adhered to unknowingly - over the course of the morning his eyes began to peek open. It wasn't really seeing, because his lashes still blocked much of the light, and he had no way of discerning exactly what was going on. But by midday, as he woke from his milk-bliss and squalled against the sleeping pile of his siblings, it was clear his eyes were open and in their darkness was an ocean's mighty shine.