Meadowlark Prairie Why are you keeping this curiosity door closed?
All Welcome  July 13, 2019, 02:39 PM
The Melonii
The wood was painfully quiet, and in the weeks since the park's relocation his family seemed displaced. While his mother was rarely far, his father was distant. Too young to understand the stress and responsibility that accompanied a position of leadership, Venamis felt troubled and confused by theseย long periods of absence.

His siblings bored him, likely having grown callous to their rogue brother's trickery. They were growing up quickly; Revan had always been mostly immune to Venamis' mischief, but Lumi and Zan had always been easy targets. Nowadays, they were better atย anticipating the dark youngster's plotting.

And so he ventured farther from the family's densite and even the boundaries set by his parents, in search of a new victim. He weaved between the forest's proud trees and felt the prickle of uncertainty along his nape as they grew sparse, yet pressed on curiously. Having grown up surrounded by dense woodland, open territory roused an uncomfortable sense of vulnerability in him.

His eerily pale gaze scanned the vast plains before him, and his tall black ears swivelled atop his narrow skull as he hunted for something worth his time.

sanguine, my brother