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Basic Info
Full Name: Terance Redleaf-DiSarinno
Subspecies: 25% Eastern Valley Wolf, 75% Mackenzie Valley Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 1 (May 11th, 2016)
Birthplace: Donnelaith
At A Glance
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Profile of Terance: Details
[Image: terancewip_by_magdalynrose-dbn43rh.png]son of the large-framed dante, terance has finally grown into those big paws. he's tall and fluffy, stoic and strong but with something about him that's just approachable. he's a dark-furred brute with a frosty white and gray underbelly and muzzle. his eyes are a gorgeous emerald green, and they add a bit of life to his naturally stoic face that make his smiles seem all the more genuine. terance has one notable scar across his right shoulder from a fight with a loner.

after a bear stole a pup from the territory, moonspear went to attack. terance was injured in the fight, and now has a long, thick scar on his right side, starting at his jawline and ending before his hindleg. it crosses his other scar to make an 'x' on his shoulder.
[Image: terancestarr_by_magdalynrose-dbby1bj.png][Image: output_shsdat_by_magdalynrose-dbfu834.gif]stoic - reserved - independent but craves companionship - petty - sympathetic - competitive - sore loser - compassionate

terance knows better than to flaunt his opinions where they're unwanted, but he has quite a few of them. he's quick to judge and holds grudges easily, but will rarely vocalize his petty thoughts. he's stoic, patient, and his presence has a rather homey feel to it. he is not bitter or shy, merely quiet. his most outgoing side is shown when around his sisters, who he is constantly competing with. calm demeanor aside, he's not one to turn down a friendly challenge or game, and is always hungry for a little adventure.
born to dante and osprey in donnelaith, the little family left teekon when the three pups were but months old. he returns now with his sister sarah, a full year old, ready to find some adventure of his own.
Pack History
terance was the firstborn child of dante and osprey redleaf-disarinno, born alongside two sisters, sarah and wraen. as of april 2nd, 2017, terance has three younger siblings, cassie, maia, and cori.
May 11th 2016 - Sept. 2nd 2016 (Youth)
April 28th 2017 - Present (Theta)
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