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Hunter II

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Full Name: Howl Jenkins Pendragon
Subspecies: Gray Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 2.5 (10/18/2014)
Birthplace: Minnesota
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A strong and well build male, Howl is a well constructed soldier. Taller then the average male he carries his size with confidence. His base coat is rich milk chocolate color. Black fur covers parts of his face, ears, and goes down his back to his tail. Dark grey fur covers his chest, feet, and under part of hid tail. It also accents his nose and eyes. Three faded claw marks cascade over his right eye. His eyes are a sliver grey, similar to the color of fire ashes.
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A strong and confident individual, Howl has high self esteem. A gentleman to women and children, and overall nice, to everyone else. A true knight, he is a skilled soldier, with the capabilities to become one of high rank in whatever trade he chooses. Along with being a gentleman he can also be a gentle flirty with the ladies. Not yet been pinned down by one girl, he could be seem, and be, a bit promiscuous. He isn't against settling down, he just doesn't feel he has meet the perfect person for him yet.
OOC : Howl was raised and encouraged to be a soldier. The area Howl was raised in had many war like packs his pack and him had to fight off. His pack moved multiple times and along the way Howl meet many wolves. Howl had relations with many females but always had to move before anything serious formed. With so may wars the packs numbers lessened and Howl's parents urges him to leave before he became one of the casualties. Howl disagreed with them for a long time before giving in and leaving for Teekon Wilds.

IC :
- Howl attempt to join Teaghlaigh, but leaving before anything is officiated.
Children : Unknown
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Howl is always open to some promiscuous fun
Just PM me and we and plot and thread!
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