Silvertip Mountain Are there also wolf gatherings here?
All Welcome  December 27, 2018, 05:01 PM
Wild Fauna

After meeting her first cougar male, Forsyth had been rather smitten. That would make at least one suitable partner she found. The female was not sure when she would go in season but it had to be soon. She had been feeling rather social lately which was a clear indicator to her. She felt the need to seek out a male. Hence why she continued her journey. She was certain the male she met would come to her scent and yowls when her heat was present. For now, the female was eager to encounter more cougars.

However, they seemed scares in these lands. She had encountered far more wolves than she had ever done. Perhaps she had just been in an area with lots of wolf gatherings, or whatever they are called. The mountain she was exploring now, seemed to lack wolves, at least for now... The female eyed curiously at the forested slopes. This was rather to her liking, perhaps if she would find a good den she might settle here to raise her future cubs.