Lost Creek Hollow Simmons, I want you to poison Grif's next meal
All Welcome  October 15, 2019, 10:50 PM
Hey, any of you guys wanna save this thread? It's flexible time-wise, and wanna get a War thread with ya at some point, so... XD  @Law @Tiarnach @Pheiros

Spook was shaken in both senses of the word.  The earthquake had caused him a good deal of fear, and though their territory hadn't exactly had a ton of damage -- new erosion by the creek, a few fallen dead trees and branches -- the fact it hadn't entirely stopped terrified him.  He'd clung to his parents, at times to their irritation (mostly Arbiter's), but as it had died down a little he dared to step away and sometimes go about his own way.

Though he still had a bit more growing to do, Spook easily would have matched a good number of wolves' adult size -- tall, but far more lanky than his more properly proportioned siblings.  He still looked somewhat uneven, maybe his ears a tiny bit too big or something.  Right now it was dark, early evening.  He was sniffing around to hunt, but somewhat halfheartedly -- again every noise drew his attention.  There were no deer to easily track, just older trails of hares and rats and other things.  Spook's mind wandered in about four directions, and he was suddenly uncertain what he should really be doing.