The Sunspire Moosecraft
June 19, 2018, 08:30 AM
Round 4 - final round, let's wrap this up! :) Being vague of @Nara and @Cassiopea .

That things do not always go according to the plan is a general knowledge, but even with this truth embedded in the brain-cells the human (or wolf) part of us often hope that this won't prove true in this particular occasion. Things began to go wrong the moment Maia was hit unconscious - something Wraen had not anticipated, therefore with an urgent bark for both @Seabreeze and @Coelho to attend the fallen and after making sure that her sister was still breathing, went ahead to help and drive the moose further away. 

Treason had got a good spot to hold on, @Witchbaby, though on the smaller scale, contributed to the cause by latching herself at another place. @Rannoch was not so lucky and @Bernard went to tend for Wraen's sister. Things were happening fast around them, therefore she had no time to see, where and what Nara and Cassiopea were doing, because @Hyacinth proved herself to be more than just a pretty face. The moment she grasped the beast by the neck, it stumbled and fell to sternal recumbency. Wraen saw an opportunity there and attacked moose's head, by grabbing a firm hold of it's muzzle, thus helping to hold it down. 

Despite the grim turn of events for the wounded animal, it still struggled to break free, so more paws and jaws would be needed to finish it off.