Stavanger Bay Blackrock Depths
January 01, 2017, 12:58 AM
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Pack Introduction

        Founded during the Great Famine of BWP3, Blackrock Depths originated as a veritable warband with the malevolent Cairn name as its backbone. An alliance with Donnelaith, the neighboring pack of peace-loving wolves led by the descendents of the Mayfair bloodline, later brought about a melding of the two packs when a fire razed the sequoia forest to the ground. Though not all members of Blackrock Depths are savage killers, prospective members are expected to be tough enough to survive alongside the Wickedness of the Sea — the deity that the Cairns worship through ritual and sacrifice. In addition, they should be ready to practice the brutality that the Sea demands against Her enemies, for any who enter the sacred ring of black rocks without permission are sentenced to Her judgment.

Basic Information

        Name: Blackrock Depths
        Ranks: Click
        Location: Stavanger Bay
        Acronym: BRD
        Pack Colours: Pelagic [#00637c] & Aphotic [#00001f]
        Founded: July 31, 2016
        Founder: Skellige Cairn

Current Leadership

        Doe: Akhlut (January 1, 2017 — PRESENT)
        Szymon: Leviathan (January 1, 2017 — PRESENT)

Past Leadership

        Skellige: Leviathan (July 31, 2016 — December 31, 2016)

Pack Territory

        A lavish bay is nestled between two large arms of sentinel stone cliffs. The waters here are rich with fish and crustaceans brought in with the ever changing tides. The sandy shores shift into soft, emerald grasses that later become a thriving forest riddled with gentle rivers, hidden lakes, and luxurious waterfalls. The bay is a well protected slice of paradise with vast resources and plenty to explore. A ring of round black rocks, heavily scent-marked with blood and brine in addition to the telltale musk of wolfscent, draws the line between free terrain and claimed land.[/tr][/td][/table]
January 01, 2017, 02:31 AM
Approved Members

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Traditions and Rituals

        Even following the influx of their druidic Donnelaith allies, the wolves of Blackrock Depths remain very dependent on Cairn rituals and traditions. Throughout their lives, they rely on the Sea to provide for them in ways the land cannot, and they are expected to live and die by Her will. Blackrock Depths wolves are taught to hunt, fight, and worship in the waters; they begin learning the ways of the Sea from birth and continue under Her tutelage indefinitely.

The Drop

        The Drop is a ritual for all Blackrock Depths youths, whether they are abducted, adopted, or pack-born. No cub is exempt. Once the puppies are old enough to speak and walk firmly, they are taken to a high point and dropped into the Sea below. If She should swallow them, the lives lost are not mourned — they are simply considered sacrifices to Her Wickedness. Any cubs that survive the fall and successfully swim to shore are deemed worthy of the Sea’s blessing and will be given a spirit guide in a later ritual that is performed by the pack’s Witch Doctor(s).
† Variations of The Drop have been used as initiation rituals for prospective members and prisoners of war. (See Mordecai, Murgash.)

Spirit Guides

        Wolves are not considered fully blessed until they have successfully completed The Drop and communed with their spirit guides for the first time. These spirit guides are creatures of the ocean — e.g. fish, aquatic reptiles and mammals, seabirds, etc. — that possess qualities their recipients may emulate or exemplify. They are talismanic in nature, used to guide their vessels through life. When the time comes, the pack’s Witch Doctor(s) will enact a ritual to communicate with the Sea and bind the Unblessed with their guides. In times of peril, wolves may call upon their spirit guides for boons or ask the Witch Doctor(s) to converse with the spirits in hopes of finding answers.[/tr][/td][/table]