Redhawk Caldera wait a minute... who are you?
October 08, 2017, 11:22 AM
hoping for a drageda woofer!!!

Lately, there had been even more scents thrown into the fold. None had come too close to the rendezvous site, but their scents still came her way when the wind was blowing in her direction. Today, on a particularly blustery autumn day, Clover felt it was time to find out. The short girl with a mighty Napoleon complex marched in the direction she thought a scent was coming from. 

Of course, the multitude of scents had her going in a million different directions. Unable to follow a trail quite yet, Clover found herself starting on one path and veering off course multiple times. The young girl huffed as her eyes looked to the distance, wondering if she could spot one of these newcomers.