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RO, introducing Cupun!

It had not taken long before the shadow had turned around and sought out the body which was usually attached to it; days went by and there was no sign, but she knew eventually she would find him. It was with the desperation of a starving animal that Cupun made her way, her body snaking from point to point while long limbs swept her soundlessly through the dark of an early winter morning. The crepuscular light did not lend much assistance to any traveler but Cupun was well versed in utilizing whatever resources she had available - it would be enough, it had to be enough. On multiple occasions she lost the trail of her spineless shit of a brother but she would merely grit her teeth and keep going, doubling back in some cases, and inevitably would pick up a clue somewhere. A scent, some fur, the faintest of trails, it did not matter. Cupun desired Baal in a way that was different from her usual hunger - this wasn't hunger at all but rather, desperation. It infuriated her to no end to think she had become this weak, yet there was no avoiding the overwhelming sense of loss that weighed upon her now.

First Hann. Now Baal. She would not lose again.

While crossing west through the moors she thought she'd spied a figure and so she picked up her pace, and while that was detrimental to the health of the husk her body had become, she had persisted in her chase. The shadow became lost among the splintered rivers and missed her chance in identifying the figure; after several hours of screaming at the world around herself, Cupun made it out and sought refuge along a valley's tumultuous edge. She slept restlessly, thinking that this place was not safe (never safe) and she was being watched (always) thus after an hour of trying to catch some sleep, she was off again. 

When next the shadow found clues of her target, it was in the form of a putrid mess of blood and parts. The coyote hadn't stood a chance really, but that wasn't what had her wide-eyed and transfixed. The shadow swept close to the remains and snatched up what little there was left: a scrambled hunk of brain matter smeared across some stonework, limbs cracked and twisted from a hollowed out body. She took her time to snap up what little she could before circling around again, licking dried flesh from her lips as if it were a delicacy to be savored, and inspected the area for signs of her brother.

A look of excitement took hold upon her features next: it swept its way across her oily maw in the form of a crimson grin while her eyes, widening with a maddening sense of purpose, fixated upon the mountains in the distance. She was close - she could taste it.