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24/7 - jesse rutherford

Since she had met Valette and joined Easthollow Aurelia had been doing everything she could think of to be helpful. Yesterday she had added two chubby squirrels to a cache and today as the sun began to set, after giving one of the borders a quick patrol, she decided to seek out the girl Valette had mentioned in their conversation. @Keoni, the pack's current healer and hopefully Aurelia's future mentor/colleague since she too was interested in becoming a healer.

She did not know where to find her exactly but she trusted it couldn't possibly be that hard to pinpoint the pack's healer right?
After a few minutes of wandering around the territory in hopes that the first wolf she came across with would be Keoni the bright-eyed Lockhart decided to speed up their encounter. She knew no one other than Valette so she wondered what the others, especially Keoni, would make of her voice, foreign to their ears, ringing through the air and calling to one of their own so directly.
Guess she'd just have to wait and see.