Blackfeather Woods dark all around
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any BFW wolf :D

He was dwindling into a spiral like he had not known before. For Cicero everything had always simply been. It was still partly there, the acceptance that his soul was simply a dark one and that he could not fully control the beast -- Sheogorath -- but lately he had seen the effects of what it had done. So many were hurt that Cicero wondered at times if it were not better to simply leave. But he had always lived here and that realisation also brought to him a realisation that he was perhaps afeared to leave because this was all he knew. Or because he knew that in any other place, he'd have been murdered long ago. Others of the Woods had committed atrocities so perhaps it was the place he was most suited to be in but he did not want others to suffer on his behalf. Being hated was a thing he could live with, knowing that what he did helped keep those same wolves safe. But to see the madness and pain in Damien's eyes was too much to deal with. He had not seen Damien of late and considered his brother might be hiding.

Sunken deep into thought Cicero wandered Blackfeather Woods, not sure if it was day or night, just knowing that it was dark all around him, as always.