Blacktail Deer Plateau odysseus untethered, unmoored —
All Welcome  January 04, 2018, 03:43 PM
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        dauntless snaps his teeth expecting to feel the resistance of bone as he lunges at the hindquarters of a retreating raccoon as he chases it through the forest of the plateau. instead his teeth gnash together as he bites through air. it force of his missed bite is slightly jarring, and in lieu of expectations he is met with disappointing reality. the masked bandit burrows itself down a hole. dauntless lets out a bark of annoyance and shoves his muzzle into the hole, digging furiously at it before he accepts his failure with a loud huff and takes a few steps back and turns around kicking a few clumps of frozen dirt and earth into the hole. it’s petty and likely won’t hinder the raccoon’s exit any but it makes dauntless feel a little bit better. with his pride still smarting from his unsuccessful hunt he snags a hare from a cache and re-covers it with his breakfast dangling from betwixt his jaws. it’s stiff and cold and he grumbles incoherently around the coarse fur of the hare’s scruff as he carries it to a secluded spot beneath a towering spruce tree, ducking his head to avoid the low hanging branches. dauntless settles into a sphinx like position and begins to tear into his half-frozen breakfast.