Neverwinter Forest he throws himself into storms
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        the aspiring mercenary has come to realize scouting and mercenary were something of overlapping trades — at least where the escort part of the trade is concerned. if he is meant to take the role of bodyguard of morningside’s emissaries on sanctioned business then having a vague knowledge at least of the teekon wilds strikes him as a good idea. dauntless didn't stray too far from morningside — he went from the plateau and skirted around whitefish river and firestone hot springs in favor of staying to the 'no man's land' betwixt that conglomeration of neutral territories before he enters neverwinter forest. upon his entrance into the forest dauntless is greeted by the tall and strong evergreen sentinels standing guard. as he moves there's a fresh dusting of snow upon the forest floor and he leaves shallow pawprints in his wake, brushing past ferns that spring free of the light snow that blankets them as they tickle his legs and belly. it occurs to dauntless that this is the first time he's been in a territory outside of morningside by himself, without the presence of arushi and ishara, grayday, catori or pema. a trill of excitement goes through him as it sinks in and then a small bought of worry but dauntless soothes it a moment later before it can become icy and crippling. he's not doing anything bad and he doubts his dad would punish him for wanting to be the best mercenary he can be. there are things he just wouldn't experience within the safety of morningside's borders. even so, he does not wander too far into the forest, figuring he's probably went as far as he should go. he's not afraid of getting lost; more than anything he's got a worry about being out too long and causing his parents and sisters worry ( because now that he's thought about it it's a stubborn and persistent nag in his mind ).