Wapun Meadow Did you walk the expanse of nature, and feel the wind burning your soul?
January 30, 2018, 07:59 PM
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Shadowheart stood upon the northern edge of the forest he had first ventured into. A large mountain range lay close at hand to the west, and he could see the faint outline of smaller riges to the east. Directly in front of him, the land opened up into a large plain, covered with snow. In the coming months, Shadowheart imagined the meadow would be filled with life of all sorts. At the moment however, it seemed fairly empty. The male continued to gaze across the plain, watching the wind whip up snow and disperse it, creating sizeable drifts in some areas. Then, he began trotting forward.

The cold wind howled around him, quickly covering his fur in snow. The dark male wanted to get out of the plain as quickly as possible. The wind had a biting edge to it, just enough to send a chill into his core. He didn't mind the cold such much as the openness of his environment however. Open plains had bothered him for a while, ever since...

Quickly, Shadowheart cut off that particular train of thought. He had sworn long ago to lock up those memories, only letting them surface in the weakest of moments. He was not going to dwell an more than necessary upon the hardships of the past. And so he continued on, hoping to find the end of this vast empty meadow as quickly as possible.