The Sunspire place of dead roads
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this mountain was no different from the last, and she would climb it with as much care as possible - myr did not wish to be discovered by any wolf, knowing just what to expect from them. she struggled when the route got steep and forged her own path more often than not, leaving gaps in the greenery and ploughing the snow across each erratic plateau.

the bitch had half a mind to cover her tracks to a greater extent - instead, as she cast her gaze skyward, she decided to let things be. it would snow soon enough and all would be hidden once more. myr slunk through the shadows of the sunspire's forests and halted only when the trees became so dense that even her powerhouse of a body could not escape the maze of it; she made a dug-out on a slope with some haste, but did not sleep.

her next task would involve finding something to eat - or something dead, edible or not, and so she abandoned her work for this new quest. pine needles netted in her plush fur, and the collected snow streaked her limbs with a dark wetness, but she did not stop. with her head canted low so that she could track with greater ease, the hybrid stalked the forest - but it would be some time before she found anything of note.