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Weather: 33°F, clear.

Dune could feel the warmth starting to seep into the Teekon Wilds. He had a good feeling that the snow would start to melt soon, causing the rivers and streams to start bubbling over their frozen banks. With the melting snow would come more abundant prey, Amekaze and Charon's new children, and more hours of daylight. Dune, being a creature of the north, was not looking forward to the repressive heat, but he would endure.

His paws took him to a small outcrop of trees. One such tree seemed to be dying, though he was not sure why. His annoying owl "friend" had found him again, and it perched on a branch above his head, making its stupid sounds. Dune was able to tune it out for the most part as he sniffed the tree. The smell was off somehow, though he couldn't quite figure out why. It had what looked like unusual cracks in the bark.