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Spring had settled into the flourishing wilderness with creaking bones and aching muscles. With it, the arrival of springtime buds had sprouted from the trees. Even from outside of the copse, floating beads of glimmering white and gold could be seen as they were carried by the breath of wind. The particles were a mixture of pollen and other foliage that had dislodged in the new growth and was searching for a place to spread. Dark grey clouds had tumbled overhead, carrying a promise of new rain and wet lands. The Nord who traveled through could feel the humidity in the air. He breathed deeply and searched the sky for signs of lightning on the distance. The mountains seemed to reach out and disappear into the churning silver and greys, but there was no flash of light or distant rolling thunder to sound the presence of an oncoming storm.
Kodlak watched the rocky slopes that rose upward beyond the copse where he stood. Tall sparse foliage stretched out overhead, allowing the last bits of glimmering sunlight to filter through before the overcast took hold and swept the color from the heavens. The Whitemane picked his way east, still. His goal was to reach the mountains in search of those who might dwell there, and he would not rest until he had accomplished that.