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Phoenix carried the disappointment of his former alphas like a boulder on his back. He supposed this wasn't a new feeling, but the unpleasantness of it didn't lessen the second time around. How many leaders was he bound to let down in his life? How long would he be unsatisfied with his life and let the silt of his malcontent muddy what could've been clear waters? The yearling sighed as he reached the Creek's borders -- a trail he'd walked many times -- and he wondered if he'd ever return to them one day. Slow and mournful, he cried a howl to his former packmates (lending a special note to @Clock) as he bid them all a disheartened farewell. He didn't know any of them well, but he thought it was common courtesy to leave behind no assumptions of his absence.

Looking back a final time, he began to make way for Duck Lake, traveling by dusklight at a pace befitting the throes of a sad and lonely wolf.

Suuuuuper backdated to when Phoenix left SCC.
July 17, 2018, 02:35 PM
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He had been having a leisurely nap on a hill that overlooked the creek when the call broke through the stillness of the afternoon. He sat up in attention when he heard a special trill at the end intended specifically for him. No one had ever called to him directly before. With a sinking heart, he realized it was a farewell howl from his friend Phoenix. Where is he going? Clock thought desperately to himself. Of all the packmates he had met so far, Phoenix was one of his favorites and Clock did not want to see him go.

Scrambling to his feet, Clock shook himself to clear the last of his sleep away and then rushed off to the pack boundary in hopes that he would get there in time to talk to his friend. Maybe he had misunderstood and Phoenix wasn't going away afterall. Or maybe he was going away for a while and then would be back. Yes, surely that was what this was all about. Crossing at the narrowest and safest point in the creek (which, ironically, Phoenix had showed him), Clock came out at the other side which was no longer Swiftcurrent territory. He shook beads of water from his thick fur and then sniffed at the wind, wondering which way the red wolf had gone. He picked up a little of the other's scent going through the meadow in an eastwardly direction and set off that way. He did not want to make a scene by howling, so he gave a few high pitched barks meant to say :where are you?: