Dawnlark Plains Luck of the draw
July 13, 2018, 01:28 PM
@Radcliffe? @Pema @Shale for reference

While out on a hunting search that day he had managed to find a lone pheasant. He had takem his time with the hunt and cornered the bird, killing it swiftly before snatching it up and carrying it back to the dens. While he was hungry he knew it was more important to keep the mothers fed so the pups could be in turn, so he went to Pema's den and dropped the kill in the opening. He had intended to leave immediately so as not to intrude but he heard the mewls and whines of the pups and like always he grew curious. He peered inside the den and saw the babies all nestled up and cute. "Aww...gosh. Someday I'll have some" he murmured and wagged slowly.

Birdcatcher: 4/10