Thunder Dome first the colors.
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a considerable amount of time had passed since the last soul was offered. the gods were angered by this, he was sure of it. next to no prey crossed his path, causing him to go hungry for days on end. he was able to a hare on a good day, but that was no meal for a cat. the gods were punishing him. he needed a soul quickly, so he sought out for the wolves. he ran across stale scents here and there, but they always ran cold. there was a group of them as well, but he wasn’t foolish enough to walk onto their terf. it was the loners he wanted. 

the sun was just beginning to touch the mountains when he entered the cavern. it was a brilliant sight. the sunlight that trickled through the walls made the plant life glow a vibrant green. the grim reaper stopped to admire the light show. colors were always one thing that amazed Death.

July 15, 2018, 10:02 PM
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Cahira had traveled to this area to avoid the any wolf packs. She had already had one run in with the irritating creatures, leaving her with some wounds. Her injuries were nothing compared to ones she had left on all three wolves, which gave her great satisfaction even if she did end up having to bolt in the end. He life was more important to her than those of the meddlesome canines. 

The mountain was different in the area; the land was barren and scorched, but Cahira scented water and plant-life somewhere. The smell of water was what ultimately drew her on large, quiet paws near the opening of the cavern that appeared to have a life within its walls. 

She froze a few feet from the entrance, her muscles going taught under sandy pelt, the fresh scent of another filling her sensitive feline nostrils. It wasn't a wolf she had stumbled upon this time, but a male of her kind. She did a quick sweep of the area but was unable visualize the stranger, so she deduced that he was more than likely inside the cavern, perhaps also drawn to the smell of life. She let out a low rumble warning of her presence, but stayed where she was. She didn't want to be trapped in a cave when she didn't now the other's intentions; if she stayed out here, she could at least bolt if needed.