Tuktu Weir Be ladylike or be hungry? Hard choice.
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Lone Wolves

@Grayson here we go!

Lilah had travelled with Grayson from Golden Ranch, all the way here to these new lands. It was scary to be away from home where she knew she would be taken care of if she minded her manners and did her part as a lady. She was hungry but she didn't want to bother Gray, he was busy a lot lately it seemed. She normally wouldn't dare go off on her own but she couldn't ignore the rumbling of her belly, it lead her away and toward a pond where these fat brown creatures were doing something strange. She eyed them hungrily, belly loudly encouraging her to take a go at one just this once. Slowly and obviously without any sort of knowledge on proper hunting she approached one and pounced, earning a sharp slap to the muzzle with a large flat tail. She yelped and stumbled away, rubbing at her muzzle with a paw and whimpering.
November 10, 2018, 11:29 AM
Lone Wolves

grayson had already been through this area with dawson. together the pair had taken down two of the creatures. it was not an ample amount of food, but it was enough. the two had been talking for a bit off to the edge of the area before they'd noticed lilah. grayson made a snide comment to his brother, who snorted and chuffed and then left with one of the creatures. grayson held the other in his maw. he knew how this would go.

he'd watched from a distance. while they were unestablished, still fending for themselves out in the wilds, grayson would not be so hard on the women. at least, not to their faces. until they could establish their own borders(and if that didn't work, join another pack), he would not be such a stickler for tradition. he could not blame the ladies for wanting to help-- but lilah should have known her place. grayson watched as she attempted-- and failed-- to hunt. she should have left it to the men-- they would protect, they would feed, they would provide.

he called out to the girl a distance off, motioning for her to come to him. he had food. she need not hurt herself any further. stupid woman.
November 10, 2018, 11:48 AM
Lone Wolves

Lilah had heard the snort from over near Grayson and her ears flattened. She stopped rubbing her muzzle and ducked her head mortified at her failure. She should have known better than to even try, she had never even been shown how to hunt and never needed to hone her own skills. At Grayson's call she turned, tail tucked between her hand legs and wagging with nervous gratitude, ears flattened back as she approached offering a timid smile. "I know I know... I'm a fool. I'm sorry..." she said in her usual feminine soft spoken voice. She turned her vivid purple eyes toward his face and licked her maw, eyes asking what she didn't want to voice.
November 10, 2018, 11:52 AM
Lone Wolves

she approached, timid and meek and appearing absolutely mortified. poor girl, grayson pitied her. "you were only trying to help," grayson reassured her gently, offering her a touch to her shoulder with his nose. "your strengths lie elsewhere, you can help in other ways," he then reminded her, since it was true. she could be searching for herbs. sure, maybe it was snowing or whatever, but all the same. she could be comforting the men as they hunted, as they defended camp. there was plenty to be done. grayson would perhaps trust addison to hunt, she was a capable sort-- more than most women-- but lilah especially had other strengths to be exploited.

he motioned to the carcass at his feet. "eat," he said with a flick of his ears. 

"how are you settling at the creek? i think we may use it to set up camp. especially with the storm."
November 10, 2018, 03:27 PM
Libertine Coterie
If there was one thing Cyclone was unwilling to tolerate, it would be watching an inferior female get into Grayson’s good graces. If Neasa herself was not chosen to be beside him, whoever was would have a lifetime of snide remarks, insults, and general pettiness thrown her way day in and day out. And likely not only by Cyclone. Addison, the sister, seemed to think that no other woman was up to her standards. The Blackthorn could not read minds, but she did know that every Odolf she had met had the same confidence and high and mighty attitude. It was charming on the boys, but looked awful on the women.

Voices—one of them female and the other belonging to Grayson—pulled Cyclone in. She stayed out of range for a bit, but when she saw her chance to slide in, she did just that, making her way toward the chatting couple. There was food, and Cyclone was hungry. Lilah, she greeted flatly, then flicked her gaze to him with a much more charming smile. Grayson. She turned her attention to the rabbit Lilah was eating then quirked a brow at the only breadwinner standing there. Is there one for me, too?

If there was, Cyclone would take it and saunter off to eat in peace. If not, she'd saunter off without the rabbit. In either case, she mostly wanted to pester Lilah and make sure Grayson wasn't doing anything that she would do.

Closing this out since it's over a month old now. Feel free to reopen if you'd like to continue without me!
November 10, 2018, 04:12 PM
Lone Wolves

Lilah turned her chin upward tail beginning to sway slowly behind her as Grayson reassured her she did no wrong. He was right of course, she should turn her attentions to herbs and other things. "You're right. Then again you almost always are" she said a slightly playful tone sneaking it's way into her voice."The Creek is lovely, It would make a great camp. Surrounded by pretty mountains too, makes it feel a bit safer" She answered his question and gratefully touched her nose to his shoulder and rabbed the prey, beginning to eat it until Cyclone showed up.

She paused in her meal which was only halfway done and flicked her ears at the female's tone. It would seem her presence wasn't liked much. Too bad. She plastered a smile on her blood covered maw "Hello Cyclone" she greeted tone infused with a warmth that held just the faintest, barely detectable tone of fakeness. That kind of voice only females used to speak to other females, the one that somehow men were too deaf to understand as anything other than genuine friendliness. She had it perfected, used it to make sure a female knew that when it involved the same gender she wouldn't simper and cower.