Silver Creek quietude
All Welcome  January 02, 2019, 04:51 PM
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any rosings wolves welcome <3

Daivya was entirely unaware of the explosive drama going on within the creek's confines, managing somehow to avoid the minefield of anger and confusion that seemed to curl around the bellies of the rosings' wolves. Instead, the forest sylph was busy counting the herbs she'd collected, rather pleased at what she'd managed to scrounge despite the winter's hardships - a soft sigh fell from between her lips, humming to herself quietly as she worked, organising them neatly into small piles.

If her supplies were uncluttered, then so was her mind! She had entirely lost herself in the task, concentrating with the tip of her tongue poking out from her muzzle as she thought to herself, absorbed in her own little world. How different it would be, if she caught wind of the travelling negativities, the sudden boom of upset spreading through the creek... but she didn't. Or hadn't, yet, so she paid no mind.